Less than 12 hours after being crowned, Mia Faridon was up and about working the rounds as the new face of Cebu. Squeezing in a quick breakfast between newspaper interviews, we could only imagine how hectic things were for her. So instead of grilling her with political issues and pageant questions, we opted for a more laid back approach and just struck up a conversation. What we got in the end was a good look at the woman behind the title.

Before all the Miss Cebu hype, Mia was a regular 19 year old college student working her way towards the career of her dreams. A MassCom student in UP, Mia aspires to be a news journalist. She wants to broadcast the news and write articles for the public. This naturally competitive Cebuana is also part of the schools debate team. In fact, just before joining the Miss Cebu pageant, she and her team had been planning and preparing for a regional debate competition for months. Pretty impressive huh?

So now you might be wondering, “How does a girl from the debate team end up being crowned Miss Cebu?” Well that story is nothing short of a little thing called fate, because Mia’s entry into the world of beauty pageants started before she even knew it. Allow me to explain.

It all started with the Miss UP pageant last year. Unbeknownst to Mia, her name was enlisted by a friend and co-debater as one of the contestants of the pageant. Try as she may, Mia was unable to convince her friend otherwise and decided to just give it a go. And man, did that pay off! Mia obviously won the competition and in the process caught the attention of one of the designers. That recognition then began her entry into modeling and finally into a spot in the Miss Cebu 2011 competition… before eventually winning it!

So that, dear readers, is how Miss Mia Faridon became Miss Cebu 2011.  Mia, congratulations again on your well-deserved victory and we thank you for sharing 25 minutes of your time with us. We wish you all the best!

**Here’s a fun fact for all you readers out there, Mia is a big foodie! After Royal Krua Thai her next favorite place to eat is STK in Capitol. So if you fans hope to get a shot at meeting the new Miss Cebu, you should probably hang around those two eateries as much as you can.

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