Time for us to breathe a little bit. We’re going to take a holiday break from the blog posting. You’ll still see Instagram and Twitter updates, but for the most part, we’re going to take the holidays very seriously. With a beer on one hand and a pillow on our necks, the holidays are going to be good.

I look forward to Christmas every year, not because of the presents or the constant eating, but because of the opportunity to spend time with family. In years past, this meant hanging out with relatives from all over the Philippines as they made their way to our shores. This year, I’ll have the pleasure to introduce all of them to our little man.

Christmas is best spent with people we love.

And with that, we’d like to bid fare well to 2015.


But before we go, here are a few Zerothreetwo 2015 Milestones:


215,000 visitors to Zerothreetwo.com. That’s a 40% increase from 2014. This year, we made more of an effort to show you who we are as people. With posts like Why Giving Up my White Uniform Was the Best Decision I Had Ever Made, Why We Love This Town, and 8 Valuable Lessons You Learn When You Go Through A Break-Up, you know more about us than ever.


Expanded the content topics. Movie reviews, photography tips, travel stories and the local clothing scene were all new content additions for 2015. As we continue to grow our writing stable, expect a wide range of topics to be found in our pages.


Almost a thousand units of Zerothreetwo clothing sold. This wouldn’t have been possible without our kiosk at the Assembly JY Square. In 2014, we sold roughly 600 Zerothreetwo shirts, we wanted to sell twice that amount for 2015. Turns out, we were a bit short of that goal. For 2016, we hope to rectify that by releasing more shirt designs coupled with a wider range of products. Expect more lookbooks, shirt designs, basics, caps and bags.


Yearlong partnership with Parkmall. When we started Zerothreetwo in 2011, we looked for companies who wanted to partner with us and help grow their brand online. Unfortunately back then, many companies didn’t even see the value of a Facebook page. Fortunately, that’s changed. In 2014, Parkmall approached us to partner with them for their online marketing. This blossomed to a yearlong relationship. We’ve had many advertisers in Zerothreetwo.com before, but none with the same longevity as Parkmall. Thank you Parkmall for trusting us to spread your message to our audience.


Three events for 2015. Mercado Sinulog 2015, Meet the Streets, and Mercado sa Parkmall were all very successful. Frankly, we wanted to do another Mercado for Christmas, but with the sudden surge of the popularity of bazaars (I wonder if we had something to do with that) and our inability to find a suitable location, it was not meant to be. Hosting events has always been a struggle, but we’re going to try to do more for 2016. I’ve personally enjoyed the smaller pocket events that allow for an intimate connection with people. Expect more of these smaller get-togethers.


Lastly, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone that made 2015 a great year.


Thank you to our regular contributors. Without you, this site wouldn’t be as colorful and insightful as it is today, it would just be my rambling about haircuts. Your consistent contribution has helped make Zerothreetwo what it is today. Many thanks to Shaira Berame, Scott Pacaldo, Stefan Garcia and Carla Adlawan.

Thank you to our chief product designer/shirt maestro/chief production dude/we-need-to-come-up-with-a-better-title, Jake Maningo. Looking forward to more Zerothreetwo merch in the future bai! Excited for the 2016 designs.

Thank you to our stockists for continuing to showcase Zerothreetwo clothing in your stores.

To the many brands that show their wares at the Assembly, thank you for the trust.

Lastly and most importantly, thank you to everyone who visited Zerothreetwo.com, subscribed to our newsletter, and bought stuff from the Assembly. We hope we’ve helped you as much as you’ve helped us.

Now, where is that drink?



Carlo Villarica

Coffee stuff in Zerothreetwo.com. Follow @sobermusings.

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