It’s almost Christmas.

It’s the time for jolly good fun, chilling with family, catching up with friends and taking a break.

We’re going to take that last bit seriously. Zerothreetwo is taking a break for Christmas and New Year’s. It’s what we need to start 2015 with a BANG! Just in case you didn’t know, we’ll be organizing our Mercado Sinulog 2015 and you can also pre-order Sinulog shirts at the Assembly Online.

Before I say goodbye to 2014, allow me to wax on about the year that was. If 2013 was the year we put our head down, worked hard and saw what happens, 2014 was a small step towards the Zerothreetwo goal.

Here are our 2014 milestones:

153,000 visitors to That sounds like a crazy number to me. That’s almost double the number of visitors from last year. To be honest, it didn’t feel like we were reaching more people this year. We just decided to crank out more articles and try to do more things in the real world.

Mercado: Food Edition at the Outlets was an all out success. What started out as a quick conversation (Thanks Carla!) about starting a bazaar, looks to become something that will happen much more often. Look out for Mercado Sinulog!

the assembly jy squareA big part of our small step towards our goal was the opening of our kiosk the Assembly in JY Square, Lahug. It’s turning out to be a great starting point of what we want to do. We just opened it on July 15, 2014 and already people are visiting it and buying stuff. Eventually we hope to one day have a bigger and better store space. For now, this will do.

Big thanks to the many suppliers who allow us to stock their items in the Assembly in JY Square. Without you, we would have much less to showcase in our kiosk. Thank you for the trust; Aframe Clothing, Loudbasstard, Handmade Experiment, Thimblecap, Lilila Primitive Art, KameleonzPH, Markov Clothing, Kinkajou, GlassyPH, Fine Upgrades and Idiosyncratic Crafts.

Roughly 600 Zerothreetwo shirts sold for 2014. Since we finally have an outlet that we can call our own, it will be easier to reach people interested in our shirts. That being said, we are grateful to our stockists who continue to trust us and sell our wares. Thank you American Blvd, Hip Street, Chillage, Republik and Gabby’s Closet.

Last but not the least, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped ZeroThreeTwo make 2014 a good year. To everyone who bought a shirt or got something from the Assembly, thank you. To everyone who has visited the site and shared an article or two, thank you. Without you, Zerothreetwo would not be possible.

Cheers to more things to come!




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