The recording studio – it is considered by many to be one of the most secretive and most sacred sanctums in music. Plenty a rock n roll story has manifested itself inside these holiest of spots. For many, the first time in a recording studio is accompanied by awed silence. Quickly changed by the realization that every sour note they play will be magnified a thousand times by the monitors in the mixing room. For others, this is a home where ideas become reality and babies are conceived (sometimes literally).

1318 Recording Studio has given birth to its fair share of music. Some of the South’s best bands have graced the studio with their presence. Standouts like The Line Divides, Santing Scalawags, Bethany and Dance With Me Kris all have had their music carefully mixed under the watchful ear of Brian Sacro, the studio’s resident ninja.

For those of you who may not know who Brian Sacro is, here’s a portion of his rock n roll resume.

– He has played bass for some of Cebu’s best bands, notably Chained, Pickle Tickle, Attack of the Giant Fetus, Anino, Cattski and PG18.
– Studio engineer extraordinaire with a multitude of bands under his belt. The list of bands that have been mixed in the studio read like a who’s who list of Cebuano talent.

The studio is located in 1318 Horseshoe drive Banawa Cebu City. The regular rate for mixing and recording is 450 pesos an hour, but more often than not, they usually come up with a package depending on how complex the album is.

Mixing different genres
Brian was exposed to different kinds of music early on in his life. He played bass prolifically for plenty of bands with differing genres. This subconsciously trained his ear to appreciate different kinds of music. He also mentally prepares himself for a session by “brainwashing” his ears. He does this by listening to material similar to the artists influence. For example, if a metal band comes up and they want to sound a little bit like Killswitch Engage, he listens to that band and similar bands non-stop. He is also careful not to schedule wildly differing genres on the same day, so as not to mess with his ears.

Selling music vs. free
It’s a constant battle between free music and charging for it. He understands why a lot of bands want to sell their music because he knows the struggle they go through. On the other hand, he understands that you can’t fight the system. “Even before the time of Jesus, there were already pirates.” The key is to create an experience when selling the music. That’s why plenty of bands are coming out with different ideas to market their music; like TeeDees or other free merchandise bundled with the CD. “If it’s an experience, palit ko uy!”

Tips to up and coming sound engineers
– Practice!
– Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Brian has plenty of mentors who he turns to when he needs help; Paul Canada, Galen from Phoenix Glide, Mic2x and Joel Operto to name a few.


So what are you waiting for? Time to start writing songs and record them! For contact details, check out their Facebook page.

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