The much-anticipated annual search for pulchritude and pride of the Queen City of the South, the quest for Miss Cebu which is now on its 27th year, is already in full swing. After undergoing several screening processes, a dozen of Cebuana beauties were revealed yesterday in a press conference of this prestigious pageant at the Waterfront Hotel where they were not only formally introduced to the public, but also given the chance to speak their minds on several issues. It was hosted by last year’s winner, Mia Farridon.

Members of the press mercilessly grilled the candidates during the open-forum where questions ranging from their stand on the RH Bill (all of them were in favor for it citing different reasons) to their take on “love at first sight.” The cream of the crop battled it out with nary a hint of nervousness, and neither did they resort to clichés. More than anything, these candidates have pluck written in bold letters – with a beaming 200 megawatts smile to boot.

Former Miss Cebu Reena Elena Malinao, who was in the audience covering the event for ABS-CBN’s Maayong Buntag Kapamilya where she is now one of its hosts, was heard saying, “Wow, that was like actual pageant questions on coronation night already,” referring to the manner the ladies show grace under pressure.

With barely nine weeks to go before a queen is determined, the ladies will be subjected to rigorous training. It’s safe to say that it could be any one’s ball game for these twelve candidates. Stay plugged in to ZeroThreeTwo for the blow-by-blow account on the 12 for 2012.

The Miss Cebu 2012 finalists are:

Finalist #1 – Michelle Angelique A. Tan

Finalist #2 – Ann Caryl S. Gotingco

Finalist #3 – Mary Hazel Haruka T. Watabe

Finalist #4 – Rachel Chloe T. Palang

Finalist #5 – Cynthia Lois D. Tac-an

Finalist #6 – Pierre Anther G. Infante

Finalist #7 – Ella Beverly P. Sarmago

Finalist #8 – Herle T. Kim Artugue

Finalist #9 – April Ann Claire R. White

Finalist #10 – Jonnie Rose Louise R. Wee

Finalist #11 – Shannen R. Abarquez

Finalist #12 – Lesly Anne P. Fernandez

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