First of all, what is Tabo sa Parkmall?

Staying true to the identity of being a Cebuano mall, Parkmall names all their events with Cebuano words, such as Gugma and Kumbira. Tabo means an encounter or meeting, usually between farmers and buyers (from the word tagbo). Tabo sa Parkmall brings that encounter to your doorstep. It’s a weekend market featuring sellers who freshly harvest or produce their own products. Some of them are even grown and farmed just a few kilometers away from Parkmall. This market happens every Friday to Sunday from 10am to 9pm at the Parkmall (near the entrance with Bo’s Coffee).

What can you find in Tabo sa Parkmall? Lots! Here’s a look.

Cassava cake

1. Cassava cake

Raw Honey & VCO

2. Raw Honey and Virgin Coconut Oil

Puto, etc.

3. Puto

Homemade pizza

4. Homemade Pizza

Mandaue's Masareal

5. Mandaue’s Masareal


6. Bread

Chicharon 3

7. Chicharon


8. Empanada

Fresh Lumpia

9. Fresh Lumpia

fruits and vegetables

10. Fruits and Vegetables


11. Ornaments


12. Fresh Juices

*Note: Sellers may change and vary from week to week

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