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“If you’re not losing friends then you’re not growing up” – @Fact

As you age, you become wiser through experiences. It also makes you more intolerant over half-baked relationships. Healthy relationships are vital to our existence. According to a study done by the Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University, good friends make you live longer.

We all want to live longer and have healthy relationships but it’s not that easy. It’s difficult to point out who your real friends are until life circumstances put them to the test. One of the problems is we are all caught up with our online and social media lives. Many people are consumed by the belief that just because they receive a hundred likes on their posts or have a thousand followers on their Instagram account, they are liked and loved. Let’s get real here; this is insanely shallow and this belief is corrupting you of the chance to fully experience meaningful relationships.

Take off those blinders and start spending time with people you actually like.

Here’s who made the list of so called friends:

1. The User

The User likes to talk you up. In front of you, he makes sure to let everyone know what you have and what you have accomplished, but behind all that is a secret motive to use you to his own benefit.

2. The Selfish One

Selfish ones will demand or plead to always put his needs and wants above your own. He wants what he wants. It doesn’t matter if it’s not fair to you or to anybody

3. The Star Fruit (Balimbing)

Of course, the Balimbing makes it to the top 3 spot. This is the type of person who always changes opinion or sides based on convenience. When the going gets tough, expect him to get going. Definitely a person you cannot trust.

4. The Bully

Bullies are not only in schools. They exist in the world outside the four walls of our old classrooms. This person brings you down and pushes his agenda forcefully whenever he gets the chance.

5. The Jealous One

Sometimes, you have a friend who secretly desires what you have. Out of humility, you may not see it, but be on the lookout for the eyes and the non-verbal cues. You have to be very cautious because oftentimes, this type of fakefriend transcends to the next level which is the…

6. The Thief

Too much jealousy can drive a person insane. By hook or by crook, he will get what he wants even if that involves compromising his values. The simplest perfect example: the friend who steals your partner.

7. The Blackmailer

Sometimes true friends  need to tell you the truth to enlighten and help you. However, this person uses the secrets you told him against you. He will take note of your weaknesses and your darkest secrets then use it to trap you.

8. The One You Can’t Depend On

No man is an island. There are times when we really need someone to help us, but when he is never there when you need rescuing, think twice.

9. The Silent killer

He won’t say a thing, but in his thoughts, he already murdered you a hundred times. Remember, silent waters run deep… very deep!

10. The Anaconda

Say hi to the full blown and full grown snake! Unlike thieves who don’t know the perfect time to attack, Anacondas are very smart and strategic. He will strike when you are at your lowest point then devour you!

Being betrayed by a person you thought was your friend is a very painful experience, but it opens your eyes to a lot of things.  When you find great people who genuinely care for you, make sure you appreciate them. True friends are rare so protect them when you find them.


*Art by Jake Maningo.

Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. She takes friendships seriously.  See her daily adventures at  @imshairab 

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