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Support local.

Don’t do it because you want to be nice. Don’t do it JUST to support local industry. Don’t do it because you feel obligated to do so. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to patronize our local brands.

Not only do many local brands have legitimate quality products, they have a real human person running them. They aren’t operated by generic and soulless companies. Many have a chance to speak to a part of you that hasn’t been spoken to before. How can they do that? They are more like you than many of the international brands in the malls. These brands grew up with the same stuff you did. They walked through the same streets and went to the same schools. They know you the best. Allow them to speak to you.

2015 showed a bevy of up and coming clothing brands ready to take Cebu by storm.

Here are our 10 favorite lookbooks of 2015:

The Grayscale Collection by Swamp Monster


Localitees by Aframe Surf Company


Spring/Summer ’15 Catalog by Strap


The Fontana Rolltop Backpack by Deadways


2015 Last Quarter Collection by QueenCity Collective


Glitchgrafiks x Banawe Collection


Elated Industries debut


August release by Nick Automatic


Scars x Aframe : Dead Sea Collection


Home Sweet Home Collection by Zerothreetwo


Carlo Villarica

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