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Where you Insta-cool-people at? Love the photo sharing app? Tell all your friends to join the ZeroThreeTwo Photo a Day Challenge!

Are you up for it? Will you be able to stick to the habit? Are you an Insta-god? Prove it!

Ok… we’re kidding. No need to prove you are an Insta-god.

Just join coz it’s fun.

Most of you know the drill. Here are the daily themes.

All you need to do is take photos based on the daily themes and tag the photo #032PhotoADay.

We can’t wait to see all the grainy, filtered madness that you guys will post. It’s gonna be Insta-awesome!

The best photos for the daily theme get featured in the @032Cebu Instagram account!

In order to be featured, remember to keep these in mind:

1.       To avoid flooding/spamming, you can only post a maximum of three (3) new photos for each daily theme.

2.       The daily themes will be posted every day for your guidance (around 7AM unless we’re zzzzzzzzzzzzing).

3.       Remember, photos should be in accordance to the daily theme and tagged #032PhotoADay.

4.       Read F-U-N. Give hearts, constructive comments or just say hello. Let’s keep the #032PhotoADay happy.

5.       At the end of each day, we’ll choose four (4) photos to feature.

6.       This is open to all.

That’s it.

May the Insta-force be with you.

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