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These Books Taught Me How to Run a Business

When I was in my early twenties, I had a conversation with my father that I’m not proud of. The exact details of the conversation escape me, but I remember this sentence coming out of my mouth, “Running a business is easy. It’s common sense! Make more money than you spend.” I was wrong and I was right. You should make more money than you spend, but running a business is not easy. I had so much to learn and I didn’t know it. Fortunately, I didn’t let my ego get in the way of learning.

Classic Collection [Pre-order]

Introducing the Classic Collection.

With the purpose of giving people a chance to represent the place they love, the Classic Collection promises to showcase our home and pride through three simple words and our timeless logo; the original Zerothreetwo logo and our new Circle crest. 

Introducing the Binibining Cebu Candidates

The hype for the upcoming Binibining Cebu is ON!

You all know how Zerothreetwo felt when we bid goodbye to the Miss Cebu pageant, but as the saying goes, every end is a new beginning. We’re especially excited with the beginning of Binibining Cebu.

Circle Zip Hoodie Lookbook

At Zerothreetwo, we pride ourselves in showcasing people who get their hands dirty. On the blog, there is no shortage of amazing people making a dent in the world. Many of the men and women we feature are more than just a pretty face. This has never been more true than when shooting the Circle Zip Hoodie lookbook.

What Is It Really Like To Be A Storyteller

To label Karl Lucente simply as a “video editor” isn’t really enough. This multitalented guy also directs, writes and plays music. So although he’s a video editor by profession, we’re really better off calling him a storyteller. Whether it’s through film, words or music, he tells stories in different mediums.

Here’s what it’s like to walk in his shoes

11 Ugly Things About Cebu

Cebu has its flaws. Flaws that we have to address, if we want to improve as a city.

We’re here to point them out in the hope that one day, we’ll be able to do something about it.

Ready for the ugly? Let’s go.

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