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Puso Dad Hat [Pre-Order]

After the successful launch of the Puso Collection, we decided to push the Puso theme further with the Puso Dad Hats. We’re excited to show you the first peek into our latest collection.

22nd French Film Festival in Cebu

It’s that time of the year again, movie fans! Clear your calendars on July 24 and 25 for the
highly anticipated 22nd French Film Festival. This year, moviegoers will be treated to 4
critically-acclaimed feature films and will be immersed in a different form of storytelling that
portrays French values, culture, language, and way of life. The films will be screened at Ayala Center, Cinema 4.

The State of the Solid Waste Management in Cebu

A few weeks ago, I attended a forum hosted by MakeSense and ASpace about waste management in Cebu City. I expected to learn how waste was treated in our city and the various ways to lessen waste in our daily living. What I didn’t expect was to come out of the event feeling frustrated and even a little depressed.

The discussion opened my eyes to the garbage disposal problem in our country.

Did you know that the Philippines is the world’s 3rd biggest dumper of plastics in the ocean?

Something revolutionary is happening in Cebu

You might have observed a smooth paved road where there was once a dirt track and broken pieces of concrete. Maybe you saw the scaffolding going up and down, people walking in and out with paint buckets and large brushes. If you’ve been to Crossroads recently, you might have noticed a huge banner, dotted with bright colors and strange shapes, and emblazoned with the words “Create” “Community” and “Culture”.

What Is It Really Like To Be A Psychiatric Nurse?

Mental health is a big word. We’ve seen it making rounds in the internet and in the media. More TV shows, articles, books and movies are gravitating towards this topic— some to raise awareness, others to simply glamorize it.

The best people to give us a real glimpse about mental health are the ones who work closely with the patients themselves. What does it feel like to care for these kind of patients? Fayette tells us what it’s really like to be a psychiatric nurse.

What Is It Really Like To Be Part of A Jiu-jitsu Team?

Let’s be honest. When you were a kid, you dreamed of being a martial arts expert. Whether it was Jackie Chan movies, StreetFighter or some Japanese anime— at one point in your life, you wanted to bust out a martial arts move and whoop a bully’s ass. Then you grew up and realized that man, martial arts is hard.

The Best Ballet Duo In The Philippines

After getting tricked to join ballet by their mother, Carissa and Candice Adea started learning at a very young age. Their motivations for ballet changed over the years. What started as an outlet for play and meeting friends became a big part of their lives.

My Top 5 Cebu Co-Working Spaces

My favorite thing about co-working spaces is it provides a platform for creative minds to get together – from podcasters, web developers, web marketers, writers, digital entrepreneurs, marketing experts, etc.

There is so much you can learn from these digital nomads.

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