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Where to Find Millions of Sardines in Cebu

Posted on by Diva

Only a few people know about the huge schools of sardines in Cebu. They are either divers, people with environmental advocacies or the fisher-folks in the areas. Where Do You Find These Huge Balls of Sardines? Lucky for me, I freedive and …

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5 Places to go for Holy Week

Posted on by Carlo Villarica

Anyone who has spent Holy Week in Cebu City knows that it becomes a ghost town. Establishments close, traffic is nonexistent and most people leave for white sand and beautiful beaches. This seems to be the only time when people …

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Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Posted on by Steph Senires

After being stuck in traffic for over an hour, the only thing I could think of was this better be worth it. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant didn’t disappoint.

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Islands Stay Hotel: The No Frills Hotel

Posted on by Carlo Villarica

This hotel will not wow you with intricate patterns in the interior nor over the top hoopla. There’s none of the unnecessary frills and thrills that drives high room rates.

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Mövenpick Hotel

Posted on by Carlo Villarica

The biggest question was, “Why the change?” Manny O. clearly wanted to get that out in the open right away.

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