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Everyone has a story to share. We’d like to hear yours.

Feel free to send us a photo essay, story or anything you want featured and we may just put it up.

In the unlikely event the submission box doesn’t work, you can email directly at

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of words

This doesn’t matter to us. Just share what you want to say. All you need to do is properly convey your message. Don’t think about the length, just worry about the content.


We feel that people read more when the writing is casual and fun. Read the articles we’ve posted. You should get a good idea of what we are looking for.


Zerothreetwo is all about sharing the unique lifestyle that living in the Visayas has to bring. With the internet, the world has become a smaller place. We feel like Zerothreetwo could be an avenue for sharing what matters to Visayan locals. Still don’t know what to write about? Here’s a post we did with regards to topics.


We expect a certain proficiency in the writing and grammar. With that said, all articles are edited and proofread before publishing (Sometimes mistakes get published… oops! We change it when we catch it).

Don’t forget to include a title (In fact, it’s better to start with the title).

For photo essay submissions

  • At least 13 photos need to be submitted.
  • Maximum size of the JPGs is 2MB.
  • We are very particular with quality. Good photos will be published.
  • If it is about an event, you need to submit the JPGs a few days after the event.
  • A short description for the photo essay would be preferred.

We follow an editorial calendar and usually queue articles weeks ahead. We will email you back if submissions are approved.


You have permission to post this

You swear to goodness this is your property and have the right to submit it. You will not blame us if anyone complains or gets pissed off at us for using what you submit. And if they do we’re gonna point our finger at YOU!!

We can distribute this post.

If we do use your submission, it will probably be redistributed and you do not have a problem with this.

We expect you to answer comments whenever applicable.

Zerothreetwo has the privilege of hosting a good community. They expect to be replied when needed. We expect the same of our contributors.

Your written work is original.

This is your work. This isn’t plagiarized or copied. If it is published elsewhere, let us know. Generally, we don’t republish, but you never know. We may make an exception.

Thank you, and we love you!

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