This episode is a little different from our usual flavor. Instead of interviewing a creative, we decided to record a discussion I had with Kahlil Corazo. It started with this email.

Bai, I’m helping this guy I met in the Netherlands. He wants to create content and build an audience (see thread below).

I thought 032 would be a good case study of what he is trying to accomplish.

I thought of telling your story to him. Then I realized this might be good content for many people haha. How about I interview you on how you built your audience, your content creation system, your lessons from the many years of building 032?



So that is how we got this episode together. It’s really less of an interview and more of a discussion.

If you followed Zerothreetwo Conversations from the beginning, Kahlil was featured in the very first episode of this podcast. He makes an appearance again today (his third) to talk about how to market products/services and build a brand online.

There’s a lot here about the thought process of how we approach content in Zerothreetwo, a little about our history, the many things we did in the past to try and find revenue, and what other businesses should do to take advantage of online media.

Enjoy the episode!


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Where can you find Kahlil?

This episode is sponsored by Qube Gallery. A progressive art space in Cebu, Philippines. Providing network and exhibit opportunities for contemporary artists with whom they work closely with and promote beyond the local reach. For more than five years, the gallery has mounted shows of engaging artworks and have also represented the Visayas region in various international fairs.

This week they are putting the spotlight on Bong Delfin. Bong, originally from Mindanao and now an established contemporary artist in Madrid, Spain, is known as the father of hydro-deepism. Hydrodeepism is Bong Delfin’s personal ideology, artistic method and a term conceived from the term “hydro dipping”, a traditional technique of printmaking which is commonly called “marbling”, “swirling”, “water transfer”, etc. It’s avant-garde in its truest essence. You can still catch his works at Qube Gallery.

Aside from its physical space in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City, you can check out their online collection

This episode is sponsored by Handuraw Pizza. Long before they became a sponsor, Handuraw Pizza has been mentioned in many of our conversations with musicians. They have always been a great venue for local music.

Looking for a place to chill? A spot that supports local artists and musicians? A place to enjoy delicious homegrown pizza and ice cold below zero beer? Look no further! Visit Handuraw Pizza. They have many branches which you can find listed in their website or you can have their wonderful pizza delivered to you. Have them delivered with Grabfood or Foodpanda.

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