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I can’t stress this enough. I’ve said this a few times in the podcast already, but it is worth repeating. My few years playing music with Rescue A Hero really helped me meet many interesting people. This is especially true for many of my guests. It turns out that people who are involved in music do interesting things.

One of my discoveries when I started playing music was the existence of productions. Productions was the term used for groups organizing gigs around the city. In fact, one of our first gigs as a band was for Harakiri Mosh. It was dark, loud, alcohol fueled, and a lot of fun.

One of the ladies who selflessly organized the fabled production of Harakiri Mosh is Shak Mancao. Everyone called her Ate Shak. She really was like an older sister watching over her rock and roll siblings. Harakiri Mosh was responsible for helping keep the music scene alive. Tirelessly working through the years to provide fun gigs for many of the local bands.

Although Harakiri Mosh hasn’t closed their doors, Ate Shak is organizing less gigs, but playing much more in the band Tiger Pussy. They have managed to garner a hardcore following through their three albums, their energetic shows, and their honest music.

In this episode, we talk about the past, present and future of Harakiri Mosh, how Ate Shak started playing bass for Tiger Pussy, and a look at the Cebu music scene in years past.

Enjoy the podcast!




Pop District Bazaar

Bisaya Music Fest

First AMA with Carlo Villarica

Harakiri Mosh

The Outpost

Limp Bizkit

Struggle for Radical Action (SRA)

Handuraw Pizza

Dysmenorhea – Carla Adlawan Band more on her Zerothreetwo Conversations episode







Queen City Crew



Straight edge

Blink 182


Anti Flag

Bad Religion

Rescue a Hero (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)

My Chemical Romance


Jimmy Eat World

Mirza Ann Barcenilla

Brian Estillore


Zarah Smith

Kukuks Nest


Jaja Chiongbian

Paolo Varela

Jan Sunday

BJ Suzara


Foc Fashion

Bumbo Pluto Ova

J Martino Olvido (Bobbi)

Sephai Nagareboshi


Saiamese rat

Kenichi Wani

Uzi Emperado

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Willow Hoods

Tuf Barbers

The Good Neighborhood


Jai Dolino

Mark Cortes (Zerothreetwo Conversations episode)


Turbo Goth

Kapitan Kulam

Sabay Tones

Lourde de Vera

Radioactive Sago Project

Dexter Sy

Bomba Press



Where can people find you?

Tiger Pussy Spotify

Bomba Press  Spotify


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Carlo Villarica

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