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Everyone should have a recorded conversation with their friends. Almost like a photograph, it’s a piece of history that can remind you of good times. There’s an argument that it is better than a photograph. You can listen to it years later and get a better sense of your friends.

Which is precisely why I’m glad we recorded a conversation with my friends from Rescue A Hero. Initially, I was worried. Most of our conversations veered towards nonsense, but I didn’t give them enough credit, the recording turned into a fun get together with moments of honesty and reflection.

Rescue A Hero is a band that started in 2007 composed of Mark “Mcoy” Cortes, Jeremie Lim, Jason Almendras and Carlo Villarica. We gigged as often as we could till 2012. Eventually, real life took over and Mcoy left for New Zealand. Shortly after, Jeremie eventually moved to Singapore then to America, and Jason moved to Manila.

Rescue A Hero became part of our past, but it was a cherished past. Even though someone once called us the “Titos of rock”, we were merely a blip in the  music landscape of Cebu. We never earned much from playing music (we got plenty of free pizza and beer though), we never “made it”, we never got critical acclaim, but our original intent was never to be anything. We just wanted to make music and hang with friends. By that measure, we were the most successful band out there.

I hope you enjoy this conversation of four really good friends who hadn’t seen each other in years.

Enjoy the podcast!

Before you get to this part, I urge you to listen to Rescue A Hero episode of the podcast. Since this is a special episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations, I decided to include a few more Rescue A Hero related items on the show page. Think of these as memorabilia and maybe even a little trivia.

First, we’re on SPOTIFY.


Probably one of the first Rescue A Hero photos. This was inside Mcoy’s old abandoned house in Liloan in 2007. We used to drive there just to practice. Photo by Melody Sy Lim.

Once we had a few songs recorded, we decided to give them away. Most local artists were not giving away their music. In fact, some of the older artists scoffed at us for doing this. But we grew up with Napster and could see the writing on the wall. We just wanted people to enjoy our music. So these are what the DIY CDs looked like. Today, most artists post their music on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It’s all being given away.

Here’s the schedule of the famed Mission Concert which we talked about in the podcast. For the record, I graduated highschool in 2001. Hence, I was not in charge of the Christmas Concert in ’02. So Coy, I did not schedule you before the show.

I forgot about these. After a few years, we decided to sell shirts. This was the packaging. TRIVIA – the first Zerothreetwo shirts also came in packages similar to this.

This was the first official band photo of Rescue A Hero. Photo by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap.


Awkward interviews with Rescue A Hero at Tambayan Sa Outpost



Winter Comes by Rescue A Hero – One of our biggest regrets is not recording this song. It became our favorite song before we eventually parted ways.




Room Eleven

Mark Cortes

Jeremie Lim

Carlo Villarica

Jason Almendras

Rescue A Hero



Carl Lopez at Hush Hush

Bethany at Hush Hush

Rescue A Hero at Hush Hush

The Outpost

Winter Comes by Rescue A Hero

Ian Zafra

Sandy Kiamko

Sheila and the Insects

Yellow by Coldplay

Ate Shak

Mickey Llido

To My Dearest by Rescue A Hero

Steph Villarica

Carlo Rodriguez

Rage Against the Machine

Magic the Gathering

Blue Cuevas

Mozart Reina

Dance with me Kris





Last Resort by Papa Roach





Rocket One Big Bang

Bright Eyes

Kurt Cobain

Daniel Johns


Prom Night by Rescue A Hero

The Cure

Bite Magazine

Secondhand Serenade

Dashboard Confessional

Jimmy Eat World

Ria Fernandez (Ria Redulla)

Kaloy Uypuanco interview

Michael Cera

Don’t be so Sad by Rescue A Hero

Don’t be so sad shirt

White Car sessions

Yellow Room sessions

Harakiri Mosh

Foc Fashion

Bombo Pluto Ova

Sunday Sunday



Where can you find Rescue A Hero?


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Carlo Villarica

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