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When I record an interview, it usually comes out a month or so after I record it. This helps me keep the podcast organized, allows me to focus on other things between interviews, and is a good cushion between posts. But if you’ve follow the podcast, you know that we talk about the creative industry in Cebu. One of the most known creative industries in Cebu happens to be in music.

With the VISPOP controversy looming, it was almost impossible not to talk about it with guests. Fortunately, I happened to schedule an interview with someone right dab smack in the middle of the industry, but at the same time, he had no real ties to anyone other than himself. Paulo Varela happened to be one of the perfect people to give an outsiders view of the controversy.

In the beginning, we talked about Paulo’s many experiences hosting and organizing events. His knowledge about the in and outs of the industry is unique in a sense because he has been doing it for years, but at the same time, he isn’t necessarily featured as an artist. Although we think of hosting as something that is very visible, in many ways, he is working behind the scenes.

After talking about his creative experience, we delved into the music side of the industry, the state of the VISPOP community, and an unofficial announcement of sorts when it comes to the actual VISPOP contest.

Enjoy the episode!


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Where can you find Paulo?

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