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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

The goal of the podcast is to talk to the creative class, see how they live, and how they do their work. There is so much to learn from listening to creative people who have spent time in the trenches. We want to unveil the mystery that goes into creative work. This is particularly important for creatives who are starting out, I’m hoping this podcast can give people a peek inside the curtain.

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Zerothreetwo Conversations is a podcast produced by the folks of in Cebu City, Philippines.

Lifestyle Brands and No Plan B with Franz Deadways

This conversation with Franz Deadways was no exception. His experience running clothing brands Product of Uranus and Deadways is invaluable to small business owners in Cebu. The work ethic and passion needed to thrive is something any small business owner should remember, but is usually forgotten at the first sign of adversity. There’s a reason why most people lose interest in their startup after a few months. It takes years of hardwork, and true enjoyment of what you are doing to have longevity, especially in the risky business of running a lifestyle brand.

How to Work with Bands like Urbandub and be Featured by Publications like Hypebeast with Chad Manzo

In many ways, putting your work out there is easier than ever. A visual artist can easily upload work to Instagram, a musician to Spotify, a filmmaker to YouTube, and the outlets go on. But in many ways, it has also become more difficult. The ease of these tools have allowed everyone else to do the same. So how to stand out? How to make people notice? What about finding ways to work with people you respect and admire? What about finding ways to get media outlets to cover what you are doing?

This is a topic many creatives are squeamish about, but the answers to these questions don’t have to be complicated. When I spoke to Chad Manzo, it became clear that forming these connections was simpler than it seemed.

How to be a Music Artist in 2018 with Fonzy

Apart from the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, the podcast allows for a reason to talk to up and coming creatives. In particular, I’ve always had an interest in music artists. After all, that’s the genre I am most familiar with. Unfortunately, life happens. Which means I’ve spent less and less time in the local music scene. In the years since the hiatus of my band, Rescue a Hero, a new breed of music artists have taken over the Cebu music scene.

There’s a Podcast for Any Topic – Show Recommendations

If listening to podcasts is a bright new world for you, then this episode is right up your alley. After eight episodes of Zerothreetwo Conversations, we’re happy to see the number of listeners growing. But with that said, there’s a whole galaxy of podcasts to listen to, allow us to recommend a few.

The Truth About “Influencers” With Issa Please

A few years back when online influencer was starting to become a thing, I decided to make a list of people who I perceived to have plenty of “influence” online. The idea was to give them free merch in the hopes that they would post Zerothreetwo Clothing on their feeds. I didn’t know what to look for. So I decided to look for Instagram accounts with a high follower count and high engagement rates. After making the list, I couldn’t make myself to give 90% of these people our stuff.

Life Out of the Rat Race with Niconiks Ybanez of Aframe Surf Company

One of the best things I ever did was take a surf trip with the guys from Aframe Surf Company. I didn’t know it then, but it changed the way I looked at my life. Here’s what happens when you shed all the excess baggage and go on a real no frills trip. There was no room for unnecessary weight while on a boat, various car rides, and far away walks. Since you leave all the stuff behind, you are forced to choose what is important. This not only happens in a luggage sense, but also in a sense of what to bring mentally and spiritually. At first, I thought I was just going to enjoy a few days of uninterrupted surfing, but I didn’t expect a few days of pure wonderful uninterruption.

After my new found realization of what is important, it occurred to me to reconnect with an old friend, a friend who happened to be part of that faithful surf trip, someone who has had his fair share of similar trips, someone who has undoubtedly experienced what I experienced many times over. That’s what I was hoping to achieve when I invited Niconiks Ybanez over for a conversation. I got everything I expected and more.

Playing Coffee Scientist with Nathaniel Soque of Linear Coffee Roasters

You can imagine what a treat it was to have Nathaniel Soque of Linear Coffee Roasters in the podcast. There’s nothing I love more than talking shop about a topic I love. And, wow, talk shop we did! Not only did we dive deep into what makes a good cup of coffee, but we examine the precision and meticulousness needed to run a top quality cafe. This conversation changed the way I make coffee, and gave me insight of what it might be like to open up my future coffee shop (retirement plans). We get into the origins of Linear Coffee Roasters, their future plans, and talk about Cebu’s coffee culture.

More than Change Your Diet, Change Your Life with Chip Lopez

Lately, I’ve started cooking at home. I’m not much of a chef. I fry everything. This may not be the best way to feed myself or my family. Who can help me with this? One of the first people to come to mind is Chip Lopez. Not only has she spent thousands of hours thinking of eating healthy, she walks the talk. She eats well. Treats herself well. And puts in the work to keep her mind body and soul in tip top shape. On top of that, her “why” is to share that wealth of knowledge to the world. I could not have asked for a more perfect interviewee. She was generous with her story, generous with her wealth of knowledge, and generous with her time.

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