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Zerothreetwo Conversations: Interviews with the Creative Class

The goal of the podcast is to talk to the creative class, see how they live, and how they do their work. There is so much to learn from listening to creative people who have spent time in the trenches. We want to unveil the mystery that goes into creative work. This is particularly important for creatives who are starting out, I’m hoping this podcast can give people a peek inside the curtain.

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Zerothreetwo Conversations is a podcast produced by the folks of in Cebu City, Philippines.

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Inside the World of Spoken Word and Rap Battles with JP Arias and Raj Jumao-as

Fortunately, I had a chance to meet JP Arias. One day, we received a message on the Zerothreetwo Facebook page. He was asking if we were interested in sponsoring merchandise for a budding spoken word and rap artist. Here’s a little secret – we are very willing to sponsor merchandise to people doing creative interesting things. A quick Google search of JP Arias showed his involvement in the rap scene as well as spoken word. One year later, he’s showed up in a rap battle, tons of gigs doing spoken word, started a spoken word poetry group called Kasikas, and performed in the recent Bisaya Music Festival. He’s been busy!

Kapoy Na Ang Spaghetti by Karl Lucente of Mandaue Nights

Karl Lucente is one of the members of Mandaue Nights, but long before the birth of the group, Karl had his fingers dipped in the local music scene for years. His video work under Southernlads Productions helped many local bands. Then eventually he found his own way into music through Honeydrop and Hey! It’s Your Birthday before eventually falling into Mandaue Nights.

The Importance of Finding a Mentor with Kurt Fick

That’s why this conversation with Kurt Fick surprised me. Here was someone who from a very early age reached out to others who knew more than him, others who had experienced what he hoped to experience. In fact, I think that his reliance on finding and learning from his mentors sped up his process of getting to where he wants to be. Doing anything whether it be photography, filmmaking, or even singing is really really difficult. The ins and outs of each discipline could take years and years to master. The hack to speeding up that process, although it might not feel like a shortcut, is finding mentors.

How to Start a Business with No Capital with Dave Visaya

Imagine my surprise when I reconnected with Dave Visaya. Turns out that he was making a living and growing a business through podcasting. His company, Podcast Engineers, is a service that allows creators to do what they do best by handling all the nitty gritty stuff like editing, posting, writing shownotes, transcriptions, etc. Not only does he make a living through podcasts, but he has one of his own called The Big Picture Podcast co hosted with Jo Librero. They interview entrepreneurs in Cebu to show the possibilities of business in the Philippines.

Performing Like a Cyborg with Luigi Balazo of Sepia Times and The Sellout Club

Connecting with current artists is a by-product of producing Zerothreetwo Conversations. It’s refreshing to hear the perspective of artists who are currently playing. I don’t want to fall into the trap of featuring people who are my contemporaries. The ability to learn from the new crop of musicians and artists is valuable.

With that in mind, that’s how I approached this interview with Luigi Miguel Balazo. Luigi is half of the music group called Sepia Times, and is currently promoting his new music project called The Sellout Club. Amongst musical circles, they’ve been making waves and I jumped at the opportunity to talk music with him.

From Conducting a Jeepney to Tattooing Celebrities with Boots Brandon Pajaganas of Redeemed Tattoo

I first met Boots Brandon Pajaganas years ago. He used to invite our band, Rescue a Hero, to play music for skate events. Back in the day, I remember talking to Boots about his experience skating around Cebu. It’s been a while since I last saw Boots, but I was updated on his goingons through Facebook and Instagram.

In the past four years, Boots made a name for himself as a tattoo artist. I remember seeing posts of him winning tattoo competitions, getting tons of clients, and finally tattooing celebrities like Angelica Panganiban and Kitchie Nadal.

On Writing Songs on Stage with Vincent Eco

The first time I really got a chance to see Vincent Eco play live was during a Listening Room performance hosted 22 Tango Records. The experience was surreal. I couldn’t help myself and talked to the person beside me, “It’s so good… But so fucking depressing!” And I mean that in the most positive way possible. Good music along with good art has the ability to make you feel.

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