In this day and age when things change at a rapid pace, keeping an open mind and questioning assumptions is highly valued. When what was true last year may change today, it’s more important than ever to continue to learn and just as important to unlearn.

This is something Luis Quibranza III stated again and again in our conversation. I’ve known Luis ever since I saw his band, Bethany, rock out in a gig back in the days of Outpost. But I got to know another side of him as we started Zerothreetwo and delved into the world of media. We talked about the importance of learning and unlearning concepts when it came to the music scene and the state of media.

In this episode, we talked about music (now and then), expressing yourself as an artist, how to apply for Best of Cebu, his work in SunStar and much more.

Enjoy the episode!


Where can you find Luis?

This episode is sponsored by Qube Gallery. Cebu’s rich history, where centuries of art practice — from Spanish colonial art to today’s practices — experienced an abrupt unfurling, contextualizes QUBE GALLERY’s inception. They work closely with contemporary artists, promoting them beyond local reach. For over six years, the gallery has progressively mounted original exhibitions and represented its artists in various international fairs.

Still on view at QUBE: Kita – part 3 an Art Exchange Program spearheaded by Celso Pepito and curated by Radel Paredes.

The word “Kita” which means “We” both in Filipino and Bahasa signifies the solidarity of the artists from different artists whose common love for art and friendship knows no boundaries. 

The exhibition is open to everyone. QUBE GALLERY is located at Crossroads in Banilad, Cebu City. For more information, send an email to or send a message on

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