When I schedule interviews, I have an agenda in mind. Generally, there’s something about the guest that I want to learn about, but every now and then, the conversation becomes something larger, something more important, and uncovers a story about something bigger.

That’s what I got in my conversation with Gama Rae. Initially, I wanted to learn about the ins and outs of eSports today. Gaming has changed immensely compared to what it was twenty years ago. These days there are national tournaments, huge cash prizes, and a viewership that rivals huge sports leagues. I learned about all that, but I also got a peek into the darker side of gaming. This is a male dominant sport that doesn’t play kindly to women in it. Gama Rae, a very accomplished gamer in her own right, experienced this male harassment first hand. Her story was an awakening for me.

In this episode, we talk about the eSports industry, how she was treated by her male competitors, how eSports is a difficult yet possible source of income, and the difference between male and female gamers.

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Osamu explores his personal philosophy in life through his uninhibited surrealist depictions of the ocean and the cosmos on canvas.

His beautifully strange subjects, the juxtaposition of disparate things, and the depiction of alienation are just a few of the ways in which he conjures the peculiarity and uncanniness of today’s contextual reality.

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