The pandemic has forced many to rethink their commuting habits, and as a result we’ve seen a surge of bicycle users all over Cebu. But unfortunately, not all the cities have catered to this new wave of transportation. The streets in Cebu is not what you would call “bike friendly”.

I was interested to talk to Daryl because of the work they have been doing to encourage people to bike as a commute, but more importantly, they’ve been reaching out and talking to people in government and organizations to encourage them to implement bike infrastructure projects.

Daryl Carabio is an architect/urban planner connected with Cebu Holdings Inc./Ayalaland, an advocate for better cities through his work with the Baktas Tindak Society +.

In this episode we talked about why cycling as a commute in Cebu, the implementation of bike lanes in Cebu, what city planning could look like, sustainable development, and how to be a better city.



Imaginary Cycling Network in Cebu City

Cebu Leads Foundation

Councilor Garganera

Pasig Bike Lanes

Tindak Kahayag Project

Where can you find Darly?

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