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In the past few years, Cebu has released some of the most critically acclaimed films in the Philippines. Unfortunately, most Cebuanos haven’t seen many of these films. There are many factors for this, but the sad truth is that we just don’t have the infrastructure to support film making in Cebu. Unlike Manila, they already have the necessary ingredients.

It’s no surprise then that many of the awarded filmmakers in Cebu have moved to Manila. We’re about to lose two more filmmakers to our Northern neighbor. Christian Linaban and Ara Chawdhury are planning their move to the big city.

Fortunately before they bid goodbye, I was able to book an interview with Christian Linaban. We had a long conversation about the state of the movie industry in Cebu, how he likes to make movies, his experience producing Superpsychocebu, and even a little bit about nutrition and weed.

Enjoy the podcast!



Intermittent fasting

Slow carb diet

Vegetarian vs. Vegan

Lilas: An Illustrated History of the Golden Ages of Cebuano Cinema (authored by Paul Douglas Grant and Misha Boris Anissimov)


Ruel Antipuesto

Jerrold Tarog

Heneral Luna


Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria

Remton Zuasola

To Siomai Love

Donna Gimeno

Ara Chawdhury



Nicolo Manreal


My Paranormal Romance

Victor Villanueva

Kusina Kings

Di Ingon Nato


Keith Deligero

Binisaya film festival


Kordero sa Dios

Soap Opera

Miss Bulalacao

Chai Fonacier

Biyernes Biyernes

Bambi Beltran

Fatrick Tabada

Patay na si Jesus

Si Chedeng at si Apple

Shadowbox Serenade

Andrei Tarkovsky

Operation Prutas

Ang Gugma ni Olivia

Nicholas Varela

Jandro Asuncion

Bong Revilla

Tomas Osmena

Panumduman Pictures

Angelica Gamolo

Kenneth Dagatan


Neil deGrasse Tyson

William Hearst

Where can you find Christian Linaban?


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