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In many ways, putting your work out there is easier than ever. A visual artist can easily upload work to Instagram, a musician to Spotify, a filmmaker to YouTube, and the outlets go on. But in many ways, it has also become more difficult. The ease of these tools have allowed everyone else to do the same. So how to stand out? How to make people notice? What about finding ways to work with people you respect and admire? What about finding ways to get media outlets to cover what you are doing?

This is a topic many creatives are squeamish about, but the answers to these questions don’t have to be complicated. When I spoke to Chad Manzo, it became clear that forming these connections was simpler than it seemed. Some of you may be familiar with his work. He has worked with artists like Urbandub, Taken by Cars, Faspitch, and more recently Mandaue Nights. His work has been published in Hypebeast and Highsnobiety to name a few. It’s clear that it takes a little more than just great work to get these connections.

In this episode, Chad talks about how these connections happened, how he goes about his work, and how he juggles multiple disciplines like music, graphic work and running clothing brands. And he recommends a ton of talented creative people. Looking for music to listen to? For artists to follow? Listen to the episode and check the shownotes.

Enjoy the podcast!


Shure SM58

Rescue a Hero

Beat This PH

Alex “Phat Boy” Lim


Techisoba and MIDI OK

Uzi Emperado

The Mill (in LA – agency animation)

Eugene Gauran

Samurai X

Ghost Fighter

Stefan Sagmeister

Poster nga nag hubo ra siya tanan

Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo Fukuda anti war posters

Rae Cabradilla Zerothreetwo Conversations

Halloween instagram illustrations from Chad Manzo

Nicolo Nimor

Nick Automatic 

Doyle See

Ken Hensley

AJ Dimarucot


Aframe Surf Company



Taken by Cars


The Ambassadors


Mandaue Nights

Lighter Press Records

Up Dharma Down

Sonic Boom


Island Joe

Smooth Friction


Binary Finary


Kriss Kross 



Informer by Snow

Color Me Badd

Bell Biv DeVoe

Crystal Waters

Duncan Sheik

Utada Hikaru

Movin’on without you by Utada Hikaru

Sony Acid Pro

Fruity Loops

Brown Paper Bag Song by Roni Size

This is Madness – 2017

This is Madness – 2018 

Sartorial Zone

Foot Patrol

King of Trainers

The Word on Feet

Business of Fashion – editorial gig – for Chad Manzo

Grocery Worldwide

Mellow Campers 

G Citizen (Strap Flagship Store)

Tony Alfonso Zerothreetwo Conversations



Swamp Monster


Edel of Strap

Dani Bautista

Karl Adrian Aguro

Marc Abuan

Geraldine Sy



Jan Sunday

Wyndelle C Remonde


Tom Jopson




Golda King



TETSUO – Sofia

Sun Daewoo – Sometimes

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Carlo Villarica

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