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I used to be intimidated of Carla Adlawan. Most know her as one of the bubbliest and friendliest people in the world, but my high school memory of her is as the guitarist of the metal band called Dysmenorrhea. Imagine a six foot rocker chick head banging like a possessed demon, while playing a dropped tuning heavy metal guitar. That’s how I remember her.

It’s no surprise to find her in advertising. Over the course of doing Zerothreetwo Conversations, I realized that many of my friends in music found themselves in creative careers later on in life. But it is a surprise to find her teaching in a university. After talking to her, she sounded a little surprised herself.

In this episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations, before we talked about her experience as a copywriter in advertising, we spent a good chunk talking about her experience in the music scene under a metal band called Dysmenorrhea, and eventually how all that culminated in her teaching.

Enjoy the episode!


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