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Hooray! We did it!

We got through the very first Ask Me Anything episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. I received a lot more questions than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to all of them. Maybe we’ll do another AMA in the future. We could even use Facebook Live and do the whole thing there. But we’ll see. Doing it live sounds like a lot of pressure.

In this episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations, we talked about how my wife and I handle disagreements, the good and the bad traits of Cebuanos, tips on starting a business, where I find motivation, and a whole lot more.



Discovery Weekend

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Farnam Street (Shane Parish)

Tim Ferriss

Seth Godin

Hiut Denim

Austin Kleon

Mr Money Mustache

Wait But Why

Ryan Holiday

Loop Habit Tracker (Habit app on Android)


22 Tango Records




Nick Automatic article on Zerothreetwo

Doyle See

Mcoy Rosales


Franz Deadways interview


These Books Taught Me How to Run a Business (book list here)


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