6 of the Best Cebu Lechons

Ask any Cebuano about their favorite lechon and you’ll get a mix of answers.

For those who have never heard of lechon – it is basically a suckling pig roasted over charcoal. It is delicious, but no one can agree on who makes the best.

We can only agree that the best lechon comes from Cebu, Philippines.

My Top 8 Matcha Spots in Cebu

It was early last year when my additction to Matcha started. It wasn’t as popular back then and not many cafes offered the drink. After reading an article on the benefits of Matcha, I gave it a try and I was hooked. I still loved coffee, but there are days that are perfect for Matcha.

The Necessities of the Perfect Restaurant

Restaurants are the temples of modern society. Nowhere else do we converge in good spirit for lively discussions, intimate romances, and delicious food and drink. What may have been the watering hole in the caveman era is now a place of shiny plates, fancy interiors, a small army of servers, and air conditioning.

7 Secret Restaurants Around Cebu

Cebuanos love great food and the best food spots can’t be found around malls or other crowded establishments. They are in residential homes or are tucked away in non-descript buildings in the backstreets, hidden in plain sight.

6 Secret Restaurants Around Mactan

Mactan is a funny mix of hole in the walls and five star restaurants. One minute you are in a fancy resort ordering the juiciest pecking duck, the next you are elbow to elbow on a bench ripping on the best lumpia ever. The secret restaurants around Mactan reflect just that.

5 Reasons Coffee Factory is Your Next Favorite Cafe

You already know our evident love for cafes and coffee. One of my favorite spots is Coffee Factory. Since I work near where it is situated, I am able to go there early and enjoy the place when it is less crowded. Lately, there’s barely an empty table in sight especially during the evenings. This isn’t surprising as there are a number of reasons why it’s a new favorite for many.

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