5 Reasons to Visit Tim Ho Wan Now

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong’s famous Michelin-star dim sum restaurant finally opened its doors in Cebu a few months ago. It is recognized as the “most affordable Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant in the world”. How can you not be excited about that?

Real Good Coffee at 32 Umber

A few weeks ago, Steph and I got an invitation for a coffee and dessert pairing at 32 Umber. Perfect. Steph can’t drink coffee and I can’t have dessert. We’ll half everything. She’s pregnant and I’m on a no sugar diet.

8 Best Breakfast Places in Cebu

What is the best way to start the day? A big breakfast!
But we get so caught up with our busy schedules and the crazy traffic before going to work that many of us tend to miss breakfast. I am no exception. Breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day, but breakfast food is the best.

Best Restaurants of 2016

Cebu continues to experience a dramatic increase in everything; population, buildings, businesses and even traffic. One of my favorite improvements is the incredible expansion in dining options. Without a doubt, Cebu has finally caught up to Manila’s food scene.

5 of Our Favorite Barkada Hangouts

Night outs with friends are not a complicated affair in Cebu. There’s little need for flashy outfits and bling, just great company, an awesome place that serves affordable and yummy food and we are good to go. Here are a few of our favorite places to kick back, catch...

Finally a Legit Sandwich Spot in Keso

Years back, I used to complain to my wife about how there weren’t any good sandwich spots in Cebu. Most places that had sandwiches treated it as an afterthought. It was plain white bread with tuna inside or the usual club sandwich with chips in the middle. We even...

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