That was one of the comments posted when we shared a photo of Bad Boys Wingz on our Instagram. You can tell there’s a buzz for this place. It’s not difficult to see when comments range from, “Where is this located?” to “Now na!”

Here’s a little confession. I pass that area a lot. I play basketball right across almost every week. Even before they opened, I’ve been eyeing that spot. I used to think it would be a great place for the Zerothreetwo office/store. Things were not meant to be, but there couldn’t be a better tenant to that spot than Bad Boys Wingz.

When we walked into the restaurant, it had a feel of a bunch of friends getting together and opening their dream spot. There’s something to be said about seeing owners of a place hustle, a group of young guys hard at work. One of them was in the kitchen, the other was waiting outside to greet people as they came and another one was taking orders. That’s how you grow a community built around food. Speaking of food.



The Food

The place is called Bad Boys Wingz. Of course, we tried the chicken wingz. We ordered the Sriracha Honey and the Mild Buffalo. As mentioned, the chicken was served plated on tile and meticulously arranged and lathered with delicious sauce. The new menus show the hot levels on the wings in an easy to understand color coded way. Red = HOT!

Eating wingz is always a fun experience. Leave the utensils in its place. This is one of those places where you use your hands. As I took my first bite, I was surprised by the crunchiness of the skin. It’s hard to pull that off when the chicken is lathered with sauce.  It made for a truly fun dining experience. The wingz were gooood.

On a whim, we decided to also eat the Ribs. That dish shined. It’s not the biggest ribs I’ve ever seen, but wow. It had just the right amount of sauce so as not to overwhelm the juiciness on the inside. As with any good dish of ribs, the meat slid right off the bone. You could literally eat it with your hands as well. Each bite was wonderful.

Another favorite was the Spam fries. It’s uhm… spam cut into fries. Simple and makes for a good Instagram photo.

Bad Boys WingzThe SPOT

It’s always great when a restaurant takes on the personalities of the owners. Bad Boys Wingz has that in spades. It’s not the biggest place. In fact, it’s quite small, but it packs a ton of personality in that spot. The whole dining experience is littered with thought. Small tables and chairs so maximize the space. Area to wash your hands because wingz. An outdoor bar type spot for the smokers and those who want to eat outside.

When they serve the wingz, it’s carefully plated on top of tile. Yup tile! I’ve never seen that before. It adds to the charm of the whole experience.

You should visit. It’s right across Bright Academy. If you are heading towards Talamban, it’ll be on the right side of the road. You can’t miss it.

Location: #66 Gov. Cuenco Ave. Banilad Road (right across BRIGHT ACADEMY)

Contact: 0932 608 5292

Price: P169 – 320

Recommended: Sriracha Wingz, RIBS





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