When ZEROTHREETWO was invited to taste test Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s new line of yogurt, we came running! There’s nothing we like more than free swag. CBTL’s Frozen Swirl yogurts consist of eight (8) different flavors. You know what that means? A whole buttload of creamy and sweet guilt-free indulgence, which we eagerly filled our bottomless stomachs with.

After the barrage of cups filled with yogurt were emptied out eaten, we learned a thing or two about Frozen Swirl yogurt. It has 2 base flavors: Original Yogurt and Classic Vanilla. Its made of premium real yogurt and doesnt have the typical powdered formulas used by other establishments. This attention to quality is consistent with CBTL’s range of products. The Original Yogurt flavor is for those who prefer the classic yogurt taste while the Vanilla flavor is meant for the ice cream lovers (it tastes just like ice cream!), who want the low calorie benefits of yogurt.

The yogurt comes in different flavors as opposed to having different toppings. This is where Frozen Swirl differentiates themselves from the competition. They wanted to incorporate their flavors into the treat.

Here are the flavors
Lemoncello – refreshing lemon zest swirled with Original Yogurt
Berry’d Treasure – Strawberry, Rasberry and blackberry juices swirled with Original Yogurt
Pomegranate – Pomegranate lemon zest with Original Yogurt
Banana Caramel – Sweet banana juice and caramel sauce swirled with Original Yogurt
Hazelnut – Italian hazelnut swirled with Classic Vanilla Yogurt
Affogato – Classic Vanilla Yogurt topped with freshly extracted espresso
Caramel Affogato – Classic Vanilla Yogurt topped with freshly extracted espresso, drizzled with caramel sauce
Matcha Green tea – Our signature Matcha Green tea swirled with Classic Vanilla Yogurt

My personal favorite is the Affogato – I’m a sucker for anything coffee. Others liked the Hazelnut and Banana Caramel. I also had another surprise. Once you try a cold yogurt with a sip of hot coffee, you’ll never think of yogurt in the same way again.

Thanks to Allen of CBTL and A~List for the invites! Also thanks to Paolo Berdin, iluvcebu, Jude Bacalso, Steph and Heygarcon for the good company!

*As of this writing, Frozen Swirl is only available in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Ayala Terraces
*Funny side note – Before the Frozen Swirl was officially released, those who wanted to order it needed to recite a password to the cashier to access it. Imagine saying, “I’m a diva,” everytime you ordered yogurt.

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