You can’t get enough of the famous dimsum steamed rice, right?

For as long as we can remember, it’s been a Cebuano staple. But wouldn’t it be great if you could try different flavours? Different flavours of rice toppings in its truest sense.

There’s a new rice toppings place called World Cup Rice Toppings. They serve three of the most flavourful rice toppings around.

Here are the World Cup Rice Toppings:

Homeland Humba world cup rice toppings cebu

Homeland Humba

Who’s homeland is it? Ours of course! This version of the famous Humba has golden brown adobo cuts tenderized to perfection. Gone are all the bones and the other stuff that you can’t eat. What’s the first rule of a good rice topping? Everything in the bowl has to be edible. The Homeland Humba has plenty of that!

Chilean Chicken world cup rice toppings cebu

Chilean Chicken

A peppery chicken like no other. Marinated with Worcestershire sauce, carrots, onions, garlic, salt, pepper and, most important, a touch of love. It’s a chicken with the best ingredients providing just the right kind of pop when you take a bite. All this over a cup of rice and viola. Comfort food in a cup.

Spicy Sicilian world cup rice toppings

Spicy Sicilian

Warning: If you don’t like spicy food, don’t order it. With three different spices lathering lean pork cut in cubes, it is legit spicy. Despite scaring away everyone who doesn’t like spicy food, this is the best seller in World Cup Rice Toppings.

world cup rice toppings delivery phone numberDELIVERY!

World Cup Rice Toppings are easy to eat and ultra-convenient. If you need a meal for a big group, they deliver! Call 0942-553-9495. Minimum P300 / order. You’ll need to order a day before. Free delivery within Cebu City.


You can find World Cup Rice Toppings inside JY Square Lahug in the second floor food court. It’s in the building with all the call centers.

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This writer is part of World Cup Rice Toppings. So obviously there’s a little bias there. But seriously, you should try it. It is really really good. 

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