It would be a natural claim to call the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And Casino a castle. Since it obviously looks like one! We like to remember it as the location for most concerts and events in Cebu, but my perspective of Waterfront completely changed once ZeroThreeTwo got invited to have lunch at its newly renovated lobby.

There is a clear contrast between the new lobby and the old one. The hotel has successfully adapted a modern twist to its theme and ambiance. During our lunch, we got to talk with Jackielyn Alo, one of Waterfront’s Press Contacts and the Food and Beverage Director himself, Mr. Alastair Granger.

Where do I begin?

With such a welcoming staff, ordering food was fast and easy. The waitress was helped by an electronic device (there’s probably a proper name for it somewhere) that allows them to receive and send the orders immediately to the kitchen, which makes it much more convenient and quick. Once the food arrived, I could feel my stomach singing songs of halleluiah because the look of the dish was so scrumptious and the taste was equally compelling.

Hot Chocolate

Mr. Alastair introduced us to hot chocolate served the Waterfront way. Normally, hot chocolate is just the usual milk/hot water and powdered chocolate formula, but Waterfront offers something completely different. Their hot chocolate is made right in front of you and by golly, is it something! They start with a glass shaker filled with hot milk. Then they drop one whole bar of chocolate (yes one whole solid bar of chocolate) into the milk. The waitress then starts to shake it. This causes the chocolate to melt quickly and thoroughly. Before you know it, there’s a glass of hot chocolate milk right in front of you! Have you ever had a drink served like that? I didn’t think so. (Check video below)

Flaming Flambé

Another thing that caught my attention would be the Flambé, which means “flamed” in French. Basically, a Flambé is a dessert that involves the incorporation of crepes with different toppings, drizzled with liqueur to create a burst of flame consequently burning off all the alcohol. They also prepare this right in front of you, so you get the opportunity to see first-hand how it was made. It was like watching Top Chef. Of course, it tasted delicious. Waterfront’s Flambé varies daily with five selections. We tried the Crepe Suzette and it was delightful.

Other great dining options in the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And Casino’s Lobby Lounge are:

The Afternoon Tea – a great way to tap into your Old English self by having a cup of tea served with an array of snack choices. There’s Traditional Afternoon Tea with a Local Twist, and a unique offering of Chocolate Tea.

Wine Dispenser – Wine and dine with the Lobby Lounge’s innovative way of serving and choosing wine. You have the opportunity to taste different kinds of wines before settling for a full glass or bottle. This makes it convenient for you to pick the right kind of wine to satisfy your cravings.

So drop by Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And Casino‘s new lobby and brace yourself for a wonderful dining experience.

I promise you, it is all worth it.

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