4pm. Time to go!

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram. A picturesque brown wooden house up the mountains called Crate Café. The café has had a trickle of curios visitors mainly due to the novel location boasting mountain air and sunset views.

It was a Sunday and we saw that they were open the whole day on weekends. Going in the middle of the afternoon was out of the question. Based on the photos, it looked like the sun hit the café directly. We decided 4pm might be a good time to leave our place and head up there in the hopes of avoiding the heat and still catch the wonderful view.




The sun!

When we got there a few things were surprising. The actual crate structure of the café was smaller than expected and the area was still hot. We arrived at 4:30pm. At that time, the sun rays were directly hitting the seating area. There’s a reason they open at 5pm on weekdays (see opening hours below).

At 4:30pm, the heat was barely tolerable as the sun rays directly hit the café as it was heading slowly behind the mountains. We waited it out and were greeted to a beautiful sunset.

It must be even more wonderful in the evenings. The tables and chairs were spread out outside under the trees. There were lamps hanging over head. I can imagine them lit during the evenings under the stars shining above.




What about the coffee and food?

Initially when we got there, I didn’t expect much from the food. I was pleasantly surprised to receive good coffee, macarons and bread. The coffee was what you would expect from any other café in the city. I had an iced café latte, perfect counter balance to the heat.

The macarons and breads were delightful. I’m a sucker for croissants. When done right, they are perfect with a cup of coffee. I’ve tasted bad macarons before, these were pretty good. All in all, a solid food experience.

Take it all in.

At its heart, Crate Café is just like any other café in the city, except with one key difference. You won’t find any other café with an atmosphere quite like it. No other café can boast of a beautiful mountain view with the setting sun. In the evenings, it’s not difficult to imagine the chill environment of the mountain air with the stars above.

The highlight of Crate Café is definitely the whole experience put together.

Location: Veteran’s Drive (right before Maria Luisa Busay exit), Lower Busay, Cebu

Contact: +63 995 128 7466

Hours: Tue-Fri 7am-10am; 5pm-10pm | Sat-Sun 7am-10pm

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