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Summer is here and the heat is close to unbearable. With weather like this, we can’t help but drool over refreshing summer treats. It’s time for a new dessert discovery!

Room for Dessert is the latest food spot brought to us by the Casa Verde group. You can tell by the name itself, expect great desserts. When I visited, the foodie in me was so happy. I wanted to try everything. These are my top picks.


  1. Cookie Dough

I like cookies but when I usually order a dessert that has a cookie flavor, it ends up being too sweet. Their Cookie Dough is different. The sweetness level is just right. I can finish one slice without feeling too high!


  1. Green Tea Latte

Those who know me know how fond I am of Green Tea Latte. Green Tea is healthy – it’s a fact. Whenever I indulge in sinful teats, I always opt to pair it with Green Tea. I’ve grown to become quite particular. You can really taste the Green tea flavor.


room for dessert - soft served ice cream

  1. Soft Serve Ice Cream Special

This is what makes Room for Dessert worth a try. As you can see, the presentation of the dessert makes you drool. There’s cotton candy, ice cream and all manner of toppings. You can have it in a cup or cone.  Soft Serve Ice Cream comes in different selections such as Mason’s Bear Belly, Juliana’s Cookie Madness, Jayden’s Jar of Cereals, K Pop C’s, or Ting’s Heavenly Chocolate. You can also create your own with up to two toppings. The best part is the affordable price. It only costs Php 59 in a cone and Php 69 in a cup.


Aside from the desserts, they also serve sandwiches, coffees, smoothies and the like.

Room for Dessert is located at SM Seaside. Along with the yummy desserts, it comes with a great view! Enjoy the delicious dessert while appreciating the blue sky and green Cebu mountain views.

Recommended: Cookie Dough, Green Tea Latte, Soft Serve Ice Cream Special

Contact: (032) 253 6472

Location: SM Seaside top floor

Store Hours: 10am to 9pm

*Photos from Room for Dessert Facebook page.


room for dessert menu 1

room for dessert menu 2



Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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