*UPDATE – Phoebe’s Cupcakery recently opened a physical store on Paseo Saturnino Maria Luisa Road Banilad, Cebu City. Finally cupcakes on demand!!! Click here to see more

I’m not gonna lie to you. I was excited for this one. When Phoebe’s CupCakery asked us to try out some of their little bits heaven, there was no way we were going to decline. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?? Seriously!?! When we met up with them there were two boxes waiting for us. We knew right away that it was a lot more than we could handle. We decided we would invite people to try the cupcakes via twitter.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/032cebu/status/81232696608698368″]
Phoebe’s Cupcakery did not disappoint! They loved it! We loved it! The boxes were filled with 4 different flavors; Nuts for Nana, Mocha Loca, Cookie Monster and, my personal favorite, Scarlette.

Nuts for Nana – Nutella spread paired with moist banana cake.

Mocha Loca – Mocha cupcake topped with chocolate frosting plus a hint of coffee.

Cookie Monster – Chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting and Oreo bits.

Scarlette – Moist red velvet cupcakes with genuine cream cheese frosting. The best seller.

We were introduced to the mastermind of the whole operation, Phoebe. She gets up bright and early every morning to bake these drops of heaven (yes… heaven! Again!). This venture started with her quest to find the perfect red velvet cupcake in Cebu. Long story short, she couldn’t find any and decided to bake her own. And, wow, she can bake! She knows exactly what kind of cupcake she wants: not dry, not too sweet and with just the right amount of “moistness”.

At P40 each, the cupcakes won’t set you back much too! So what are you still doing here?? Check out their page and order some cupcakes!

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