Finally, ZeroThreeTwo was invited to a place that could satisfy our sweet tooth and our need to stay healthy (Who are we kidding? We eat anything and everything!). There have been a lot of Yogurt places sprouting out of nowhere lately and that’s great for the health conscious sweet tooth! We have a lot of choices! But let’s be honest, most of the places don’t differentiate themselves from each other. Here’s why we think Tutti Frutti stands out.


Tutti Frutti turns back the clock and give us a chance to revisit our childhood. This is quickly evident when a kid rushes in the store and looks at all the choices of toppings and yogurt. They can hand pick from eight flavors of yogurt that changes every 2 weeks (they’ve got over 50 flavors to choose from; Cookies N Cream to Green Tea to Strawberry to Papaya to Coffee to Peach…. a whole SHIPLOAD of flavors!) and thirty eight different toppings! The kids love to stuff their yogurt with all sorts of goodies, ranging from healthy fruit to tempting chocolate. The fun begins when they excitedly pick all the toppings to their yogurt. They can put as many or as little as they want! I personally prefer to make my yogurt creation in the likeness of a volcano ready to erupt and spew chocolate. Not only do we get to indulge to our child like state – we can do so guilt free! The yogurt is 98% fat free! It’s the perfect excuse to fill half the cup with chocolate (good health be damned!).


This time machine of a store is located in the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu. Across Bibo and Harbour City.


If you want to indulge yourselves with some free, yes FREE, Tutti Frutti gift certificates, just answer the question below.

What is your favorite yogurt flavor in Tutti Frutti?

Write your answers in the comments section below. We will randomly choose 5 winners. Each winner will get a P100.00 gift certificate from Tutti Frutti. We will contact the winners on May 17, 2011.

Good luck!

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