*UPDATE: For something different, you can check out our other post about cafes called 10 Boutique Cafes You Should Try in Cebu.

We at ZeroThreeTwo love frequenting cafés. In fact, that’s where we do most of our “work.” Chances are you’ll find us in a corner with our faces buried in the glow of a laptop screen either wasting time on Facebook, sending out emails, or maybe even writing articles. A day isn’t complete without a good cup of brewed coffee fresh off the machine with a hint of brown sugar sprinkled in. Point is we spend a lot of time in cafés. We aren’t exactly connoisseurs, but we know a good coffee shop when we see one.

Our personal requirements in no particular order:

Reliable Internet Connection. That awkward moment when you’ve been sitting down in a café for 5 hours, having only ordered one cup of coffee and complaining that the internet connection sucks. Buy a cookie bro.

The height of the chairs and tables have to be just right. This is our list so this pet peeve will be mentioned. Sitting down typing on a laptop or reading a heavy med book can hurt your back if the table is too high or too low. Like the Wii Fit says, “Posture is important.”

Cool Air Conditioning. Sitting down in a coffee shop with broken air conditioning is not fun. This is the Philippines! We need our freon!

Friendly Staff. Here’s a confession. It’s awesome when the staff knows who you are and asks about your day. Obviously, it’s part of their job to do this. They are trained to know your name, your favorite drink, and even your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Donatello rocks!). But still… it’s awesome.

Lots and lots of Outlets. At this point, you can tell that we basically set up camp in cafés. Using the internet requires electricity and it sucks when the laptop dies in the middle of a WoW raid.

Oh ya… decent coffee. Almost forgot about that one.

Obviously we aren’t the only ones who enjoy a cup of joe. There must be an army of coffee lovers out there setting up camp in cafés. We setup a Facebook poll asking people, “What is your favorite coffee shop in Cebu?”  There were 215 votes. These are the results.

(9) Figaro – Cebu Business Park (IT Park) and Ayala Center Cebu

(8) Kopi Roti – The Gallery

(7) Seattle’s Best – Ayala Center Cebu

(6) Cofifi – Treehouse Bldg, Aboitiz St. (Beside STC’s back gate)

(5) Vienna Kaffeehaus – The Gallery, AS Fortuna, Gorordo, and Mactan.

(4) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – all over Cebu

(3) Bo’s Coffee – all over Cebu

(2) Starbucks – all over Cebu

(1) Coffee Dream – all over Cebu

Here are some comments from people who took the poll.



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