One of the joys of living in Cebu is enjoying all the gastronomical abundance. In fact, having all these great places to eat can be a problem. How many times have you argued with your girlfriend because you couldn’t choose a place to eat? This age old problem has ruined people’s lives and relationships. In our feeble attempt to rid the world of the where-are-we-eating-problem, we’re asking you to help us out.

Ever since 2012, we’ve come up with a list of places to recommend to our readers. It’s proven to be immensely helpful (Here’s last year’s list). This year, we would like to keep the tradition going.

How do we come up with the list? You are the secret. Every year, we ask you for your favorite restaurant. Then we collate your answers, look at our own personal favorite ones, and then make the list. It’s completely subjective, just like food.  Everyone has different taste.

So let’s get started. Help us make this an awesome list. Please answer the question below:

For 2015, my favorite restaurant in Cebu is _______________?


Remember, there are no real criteria. Just answer with the first place that comes to mind. Here we’ll give you a second to think about it…


Got your answer? Great! There are so many ways you can let us know.

You can comment below.

Tweet us at @032cebu.

Write on our Facebook page.

Or you can simply email us what you think.

We’re excited to hear from you.

Remember. Just answer the question:

For 2015, my favorite restaurant in Cebu is _______________?



Carlo Villarica

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