First Impression

The Spaghetti Factory is a nondescript place that is beside another great resto with a similar namesake. Often, the two places may be considered as ventures from the same owner; but the Spaghetti Factory is actually a franchise from Makati City.

It was my first visit to the place even though it had been in Cebu for four years already. It used to be located near the Maze, and has since moved closer to the terraces where most of the restaurants are situated. It has an unassuming interior full of bright warm colors that seem to add to your appetite.

Homemade Pasta and So Much More

What really sets Spaghetti Factory apart is that they know their pasta because they don’t buy it from a store, they’re the ones who actually make it. If you’d like to try authentic pasta, this is definitely the place to go to. You can choose from raviolis, pastas with cream based or tomato based sauces, pizzas, soups, and healthy vegetarian dishes. For any of the pasta dishes, you can choose the perfect type of al dente pasta whether it be the regular spaghetti, penne, fusilli, and fettuccine and many more which I admittedly had a hard time pronouncing.

The Chowdown

I started with a fresh plate of Caesar Salad, followed by a very delightful Italian Meatballs in Spaghetti Pasta. Good lasagnas are hard to come by, and Spaghetti Factory’s Beef Lasagna is how lasagnas should be. I’ve always enjoyed anything with pesto; so I ordered the Seafood Pesto Pizza and the flavors of the pesto, cheese, and the sea food did not disappoint. They’re seafood dishes are actually pretty tasty. All of these are a must try if you could finish it. The meals are less than P200 pesos and the huge servings are perfect for sharing. After all, food tastes better when shared, right? Too bad I was too full to have a taste of their dessert selection which seemed enticingly decadent.


With a variety of culinary offerings that fills your stomach without hurting your pocket, it’s definitely a great place to bring your family for Sunday brunch or where your barkada can have a hearty meal.


The Spaghetti Factory is located at third level of Ayala Center Cebu, right beside Dessert Factory.

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