It’s been less than a week since Cebu Music’s favorite night spot announced the sad news. The Outpost is the city’s most happening place when it comes to music, friends and fun; and sadly it is closing its doors on September 15, 2012.

When the news broke out, everyone from different walks of life shared their sentiments online as a way of saying how the Outpost was home to them because of all the friends and memories they made. But for a few good men and women out there, it’s a different story – and they’d rather not say it aloud.

  • For most girls under the age of 24, it was a place to meet guys; most especially (allegedly) single ones that play in a band.
  • It was undeniably true that the Outpost can be quite warm at night; which made it the place to be for girls to wear their skimpiest shorts, side-boob showing tank tops and sun dresses that brought all the boys to the yard!
  • Nevertheless, it was also where many of our talented male musicians and their entourage showed off their newest kicks and locally made shirts. When it rained, it was boots for the ladies and hoodies for the guys.
  • No money? No problem! The Outpost was for everyone and when you decided to go there penny less, it was very likely that you would see a friend or two who would willingly offer you drinks or even a ride home.
  • It was where you would see your Facebook friends that you didn’t exactly interact with online or anywhere else. However, you “knew” them because they were associated with or actually part of “that” band.
  • The Outpost was a place where many of Cebu’s long term couples began. Unfortunately, it was also where hearts got broken upon seeing the apple of your eye with someone else – even if you had not been together or even friends for a long time.

The Outpost was and still is a special place. Everyone has their own story. However, the ones that are kept secret are the most interesting.


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