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Readers of ZeroThreeTwo are always on the lookout for good dining places in Cebu. Today, we give you much more than just an ordinary restaurant. The Chillage is a store in a restaurant or a restaurant in a store. We can’t tell because both aspects are jaw dropping.

The Place

As soon as you step through the door, you will be blown away by the uniquely sophisticated and creative Chillage experience. You’ll be greeted by an array of vintage and local items displayed at the store. The restaurant/café is elevated at the back and has ergonomic and comfortable furniture.

You’ll discover a secluded room with grass-like flooring, a wooden swing, a mini bookshelf and little tables with quirky toys. Welcome to the fun room. Be a kid all over again! This is truly a place to shop, eat and play!

Every part of Chillage has been carefully designed… including the restrooms. By far, the best restroom I have seen here in Cebu. You can practically sleep inside. No kidding! Everything here is practically InstagramABLE!

The Owner

Beatriz Amanda Borja is an all-out Cebuana. She is a Political Science graduate, but has always been passionate about Fashion, design and style. According to Bea, Chillage is the accumulation of her work and travels for the past three years. It contains her personal collection of local items from Manila and Cebu.

chillage foodThe Symbol

The triangle symbol of Chillage is very significant to Bea. It symbolizes her mom, her dad and herself since she’s the only daughter. The three main islands of the country are also represented in the triangle because Bea’s mom hails from Luzon, her dad from Visayas but their business is in Surigao.

The Store Items

It would be an understatement to say that the store has a lot of items to offer. You can find clothes, accessories, footwear, beauty products and other local unique pieces.

Here’s a short list of what you might want to check out.

  • The Dahlin t-shirts  with prints of Obama, Madonna, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and more.
  • ZeroThreeTwo shirts! Yay!
  • Leyende products are local beauty products which are said to be all natural. They have shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturizer, sunblock, etc.
  • Theo Philo Chocolates are locally made chocolates. Believe it or not they have Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo, Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Sea Salt.

chillage brownieThe Food

They have a number of food selections to choose from. They have Pasta, sandwiches, salad, chips and dips and desserts. As always, I would go for the best-sellers. I had Wrapped-up (shawarma with dip), Tomato and Tuna and Strawberry Fruit Shake plus Guava cheesecake. They all sound delicious and it is as good as it sounds. Let me tell you; I found a piece of heaven with everything I had. They will be adding more dishes in the coming months. Hmmm…looks like I’ll be coming back for more!

The Price

One of the many reasons why this place is a must visit, the food prices are reasonable and affordable. For now, nothing is served for more than Php 200.

The Location

The Chillage is located at the Ground Floor of Adnama Building Larrazabal Avenue, North Reclamation Mandaue. It is in the same road of the Cebu Doctors’ University.

Some of the trinkets for sale


Art is everywhere! Even in the bathroom

You never know what you’re gonna find here.

Random stuff


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