brownie cups team brownie cebuFilipinos are known to have a sweet tooth. Undeniably, we love sweets!  That explains why we have high cases of Diabetes so everyone, I urge you to stay healthy. But it isn’t bad to indulge in some delicious treats once in a while. That’s where Team Brownie comes in. Their sweets are sinfully good!

I’ve been a fan of Team Brownie ever since it was still called Ultimate Brownie Experience or UBE.  If you have been digging through some of the food blogs in Cebu, you’ve most probably come across Justinne  Lou Go. She runs the blog called Babe for Food.  Justinne is not just your BFF in Cebu dining; she’s also the person behind Team Brownie.

Here’s what Babe for Food shared to ZeroThreeTwo.

032: So what’s the story behind Team Brownie?

J: Aside from getting extra allowance as a student, I wanted to learn to be independent. So I thought having my own business would be a good start. I was formerly supplying pastries to a small cafe early this year and wasn’t satisfied with my earnings. I was encouraged by my boyfriend to focus on one product (the brownie cup) because he thought it was really good. We quickly brainstormed for the brand name during summer and initially came up with U.B.E. (Ultimate Brownie Experience). After joining a few summer bazaars, we realized the brand name was usually misinterpreted as ube as in purple yam. We decided to rebrand and relaunch in June as Team Brownie. Team Brownie because we’re a team/tandem for this concept.  The rest is history.

I’m also a big fan of crisp and chewy brownies so I wanted to share this experience with others by making them part of the team as well when they eat our brownie cups. #browniemate

team brownie032: There are quite a number of brownies out in the market. What makes Team Brownie stand out from the crowd?

J: We try to come up with flavors that are not in the market yet, like Red Velvet and S’mores. And we are coming up with more flavors soon. Of course, there’s always a charm to home-baked goodies. Each cup is made with love and care. We have really moist brownie cups that are made with premium Belgian dark chocolate.

They are also sold raw because they’re meant to be taken home and prepared as an instant dessert. Anyone can feel the perks of whipping up their own food. Customers can also add their personal touches to their brownie cup by adding whatever topping and flavor of ice cream they want.

032: What’s the best seller so far?

J: It’s funny that we can’t determine our best seller because each flavor equally has its own fan club. There’s a group that likes to keep it simple and classic. They go for Dark Fudge. There’s also a different group who gorge over the Red Velvets and then there’s another mob that loves the campfire feeling that the S’mores brownie cup gives. All three always have a tie in our sales inventory.

 032:  I noticed the delightful looking instructions guide. It looks really easy to whip up a brownie cup.

J: That’s the best part. It’s as easy as counting from one to three! All you need is a microwave, ice cream and a spoon. 😀

TeamBrownie Instruction Poster (RGB72)

Just heat the brownie cup in a microwave for 40 secs for Dark Fudge and 1 min for Smores and Red Velvet. Cool for 5 mins and then top with a scoop of ice cream. Then, indulge!

032: How much does Team Brownie costs?

J: Team Brownie brownie cups are only P60 per cup for any flavor. Discounts are available for bulk orders or wholesale.

happy customers 032: Forgive me, but I have to ask the most heart breaking question. How many calories are in it and  an estimation of sugar content?

J: There are more or less 400 calories per cup. And as for the sugar content, we watch the sweetness of our brownie cups so that it is not overwhelming. So, each cup contains about 13g of sugar.

So you won’t feel too guilty, share the calories! Share a cup with a #browniemate! 😉

032: Where can we go to grab a brownie cup from you?

J: We’re currently home-based but we were also recently added to the Chillage‘s menu. You can get ready-to-eat brownie cups from them.

For raw brownie cup orders, you may contact 0922 8822 655. We do meet ups at Ayala or you may pick up your orders at The Chillage.

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