What comes to mind when you think of tea?

Tea is instant wisdom – just add water. 

Do you agree? This is the statement imprinted in the cups of Cebu’s newest milk tea cafe – Tea Religion.

To give a brief background, milk tea is actually a Taiwanese drink, originating from the tea shops of Taiwan in the 1980s. It uses tea as its base but preparation may vary by using either fruit juices and/or milk. A common add on are the tapioca balls but for some places, they also offer different types of jelly to add on to the drink like coconut jelly and fruit jelly.

Tea Religion, located at the ground floor of Crown 7 Building, along Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo opened their doors to tea fanatics and potential tea “converts” over a month ago and is dedicated for those who love tea. Although a hip and fun environment is nice to see, the owners of Tea Religion opted for a simpler and cleaner look. White flat walls, minimalist furniture, and a serene ambiance make this tea café the perfect place for needed quiet time or a great hang out to chit-chat with good old friends.


They offer a wide array of drinks ranging from P70 – P90 depending on size and variants. Their menu consists of a variety of hot and cold, fruit or milk based teas.

The Goodness

For the regular hot teas, Tea Religion’s traditional green tea is highly recommended. It tastes light, has good water quality, and a very soothing aroma; just some of the qualities Tea Religion’s owners ensure when preparing tea for their customers. For those who prefer a dash of fruity flavor in their drink, the iced green apple tea is a must try! It’s very refreshing with just the right amount of flavor to quench those thirsts during hot days. For the milk tea loyalists, Tea Religion’s best sellers are the original black milk tea, caramel milk tea, and mint milk tea. I personally love their original black milk tea. They also serve yogurt teas and specialty series teas like yakult lemonade and muscovado milk tea! Once you’ve selected a tea drink from their menu, customers can personalize their drinks by selecting the level of sweetness, steeping time, and adding teasers s like tapioca balls or almond/fruit jelly. On top of the teas, Tea Religion also serves Cupcaken cupcakes, veggie dumplings, and mushroom dumplings.

So let me ask you again. What comes to mind when you think of tea?

Personally, I think of peace. No, not world peace, but a sense of tranquillity of the soul, mind, and body. For a tea drinker like me, you have it all with Tea Religion – high quality and good tasting tea, a fine and comfortable ambiance, and of course.. cupcakes! 🙂

*Photo credits Steph Senires, Jason Almendras and Kristy Almendras.

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