I’m a little teapot, short and stout.

I never thought I’d type that sentence in my life. But then again, I never thought I would enjoy a cold glass of milk tea. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. ZeroThreeTwo was invited to a bloggers meet to sample the offerings of Tea and Symphony. We were treated to an afternoon of Tea, chicken, fish, and even more tea.

When we got there, we were anxious to get to know our gracious host, Kristine Jim. But she insisted we try the tea before talking to us. She didn’t want to cloud our judgment as to how we thought of her Tea and Symphony. It’s commendable that she wanted an honest assessment from everyone.

Tea and Symphony cupsSo Taste We Did!

The tea had two basic categories:

Milk Tea

  • Tea and Symphony (Best seller)
  • Ceylon
  • Formosa

Fruit Tea

  • Ching Black Tea
  • Strawberry Black Tea
  • Japanese Green Tea

Generally I’m a coffee drinker, but I enjoyed the tea. I may have found space for it in my daily life. More on that later. The pleasant surprise of the tasting experience was the chicken and fish snacks! The chicken bits in particular were little peppery explosions and contrasted perfectly with the smooth taste of the tea.

On to the tea, not only will you get to choose the flavor and size, but there are various toppings and sweetness levels (100% to 0% sweetness) to play around with. After some experimentation you are sure to find the right combination for your taste buds.

As mentioned, my drink of choice is coffee. I have a cup every day, but too often I associate it with weekdays, meetings, deadlines or, quite simply, work. Having a sip of cold tea is like enjoying a weekend under the sun with a good book. Coffee to keep sane from the hullabaloo; Tea to enjoy the quiet slow days.

The Café

Tea and Symphony isn’t a typical café. The scarcity of couches will turn some people off and the lack of any view will kill your people watching. What it does have going for itself are; lots of outlets, free internet and decent chairs. It is also relatively accessible. Those driving home towards Mandaue or Talamban could easily stop by and grab a cup for takeout. Lastly, at a base price of P60.00 per cup, the drinks are VERY affordable.

Give it a shot. Tea and Symphony might convert you to a tea drinker or at the very least remind you that there’s more to life than sitting in a cubicle and working.

Contact: (032) 4161716
Location: Ground floor of University of Cebu in Banilad
Price: ~P70.00 per drink
Recommended: Tea and Symphony Milk Tea
Store Hours: Weekdays 9am to 10pm; Weekends 1pm to 10pm

Simple interiors

They have fans!

So that’s how they do it!



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