I’m all about mid-afternoon snacks, even better if that snack has a good set of proteins instead of the usual sugar fare. It’s been difficult finding easy to eat finger food that fills the stomach. When Pow Bao opened, it seemed like a prime candidate to ease my mid-afternoon struggles.

One of the reasons living in Cebu is great is because there are places like Pow Bao that are willing to experiment. “Taiwanese inspired with a Mexican touch, street food style.” That’s what it says on their Instagram page. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen those two particular cuisines mentioned in the same sentence.


Pow Bao doesn’t disappoint with their Asian Taco. You can choose between a variety of fillings; Pork Belly, Fried Chicken, El Loco Chorizo and Tofu. Can’t forget the Tofu for the vegetarian yoga clientele in Banilad Town Centre. There’s also an option to try it with rice instead of the signature Asian Taco.

Generally, I order the assorted of belly, chorizo and chicken. It’s difficult to resist three flavors in one plate. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a full meal, but it is surprisingly filling. If you have a huge appetite two orders will be more than enough.

For rice eaters, they’ve also recently released their rice meals. This promises to satisfy many of the Filipino rice eating population.



At 80 pesos for three pieces, this meal is very affordable and worth it for even the most frugal.


On the platform heading up inside Banilad Town Centre, right beside the BPI ATM Machine, you can’t miss it.


You can use Food Panda to ask them to deliver your Asian Tacos right at your doorstep.

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