I was caught aback when I heard there was a new Coffee + Milk Tea Café called Sprockets gracing the wonderful island of Cebu. The reason being was that it features Lomography works from photographers here in Cebu. Being a photography enthusiast, this place was definitely a must-see. Once I found out ZeroThreeTwo had the opportunity to go to its opening, I was delighted. It had the perfect mixture of art and cuisine all rolled into a quaint bistro/cafe.

rachel arandilla and Zarah Louise Majam in sprocketsThe Creator and her Creation

I was greeted by the friendly face of the owner, Rachel Arandilla, she’s the mastermind behind the shop. The idea came to her as a realization of a dream. She decided to fuse two of her favorite interests: food and art which resulted to Sprockets. She came up with the name by playing with a few ideas, until she decided in naming it after the gear that holds the film which is, of course, called a sprocket. It was the perfect name for the perfect place.

Taste Test

Another delight was the fact that we had the chance to taste the food they were selling… for free! It was an array of scrumptious dishes that definitely satisfied a hungry stomach. The menu is Western-inspired like pastas and pizzas. Prices range from 90 to 315 pesos, but don’t fret because everything is worth it. The food gives justice to the cafe and you’ll be over-satisfied with the taste. It’s the perfect place for comfort food and sudden cravings. Of course, we couldn’t leave without tasting the milk tea. Given the hot weather, a cold serving of it seemed appropriate, and to make things better, the milk tea they served was absolutely delicious.

The Wall

The Lomo Wall inside Sprockets features works from Lomographers in Cebu. It’s a color-coded collage of photos that are the epitome of film photography. Definitely an eye catcher that brings personality to the place.

Sprockets lomo wallTake a Chill Pill

Sprockets is the perfect place for anyone and everyone to sit back and relax. With its plush couches and themed pillows, how can one not feel cozy? This is ideal for anyone in search of inspiration and I would come here just to write, read or stare at the Lomo wall. The ambiance of the place is relaxing and settling plus the music is great. Good vibes are everywhere and it’s worth the stay.

Location: J Block Apitong St. (Coming from Parklane 2nd right)

*UPDATED: Sprockets has two more locations. Across USC-TC (Engineering Bldg entrance) and another one called Sprocketeer in Baseline Residences in Baseline.

Price: ~P150.00

Hours: Fri – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Website:  Sprockets Coffee and Milk Tea Cafe

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