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If you don’t like spicy food, stop reading right now. Just forward this post to someone who likes fire in their mouth. They are going to want to try Chop Chop Food Centre. We’ve all got that friend. He/she is going to love you for it.

It is so good.

Actually, the restaurant may have non spicy options, but whenever we eat there, I enjoy every bit of mouthful delicious hotness.

chop chop food centre cebuFood

In Chop Chop Food Centre, expect lots in the avenue of spices. The funny thing about eating spicy food is that everything starts to blend together after a while. This was my experience in Chop Chop Food Centre. I say this with the best of intentions. Every dish seemed to complement each other perfectly.

I’m a sucker for squid. So we got the Sambol Sotong Squid, then the Beef Rendang (super soft meat, super spicy), also a few pieces of Chicken Satay and we topped it all off with Sambal Fried Rice. Everything listed here blended seamlessly into a well rounded food concoction.

For the price, the servings were very big. Best to come here as a group to take advantage of the bigger dishes.

The Place

It’s always fun when you can see the chefs cook in their natural environment. Whenever the kitchen is open to the public, it always gives me a sense of how well maintained and clean the preparation area is. Many restaurants keep their kitchen behind closed doors. You never know what’s happening back there. You don’t how clean everything is. In Chop Chop, you don’t have to worry about that.

chop chop food centre cebuThe eating area is no frills, but with subtle touches of interest. A classic looking bicycle hangs on the wall. On the top you see the menu. The close quarters makes it easy to get the attention of the many waiters roaming about.

You can tell this place was well thought out.

It’s not hard to find. They’re in the Gallery in Mabolo. Nestled in the far corner of that building (on the way to the CR – you can’t miss it). The Gallery to me is this under appreciated gem in the middle of the city.

Recommended dishes:

Sambol Sotong Squid, Beef Rendang, Sambal Fried Rice


P200 – P300 per dish


The Gallery, Juan Luna Street Corner Golam Drive, Mabolo, Cebu City


(032) 236 8910

chop chop food centre menu

chop chop food centre menu

chop chop food centre menu

chop chop food centre menu

chop chop food centre cebu

chop chop food centre menuchop chop food centre menu

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