Sometimes, we run out of energy to join a bread line to get inside the premier clubs. that doesn’t mean we stop itching to sing and dance in wild abandon – in the comforts of our own home? Well, not necessarily.

There is so much fun to be had when you’re in a videoke place. Don’t you just love belting out songs with the gang who will cheer for you even if you can’t hit the right note? We all have rock stars, pop stars or divas inside of us that we need to let out once in awhile. It’s more satisfying than just singing in the shower, me thinks.

Imagine my delight when I found out that my good friends Wayne and Pia Congmon had opened their own videoke place. They got a franchise from Song Hits! Family KTV opened at the Banilad Town Centre. The main branch is located in Mango, but the one at BTC is more convenient for me since my office is pretty close. “After office videoke sessions?” you may ask. You bet!

After being open for only a few months, their establishment had become an instant hang-out for the couples’ friends and obviously, I was among those you could label a ‘fixture’. Call me biased, since it’s evident that I am supporting friends of mine. Though here are some reasons why Song Hits! rocks:


Song Hits! Family KTV takes pride in being the only KTV that have rooms equipped with an XBOX 360 where you can enjoy kinect! If you’re one of those that find the gym such a bore, yet still wants to shed off some pounds, then you better try this. Bonding with friends while doing cardio has never been better! (Note: If I were you, I’d bring an extra shirt and a hand towel. Seriously.)


If you and your gang are a bit striped for cash, well honestly, who aren’t these days? You can still have fun for as low as 99 pesos per hour from Sundays to Thursdays! Come on, that’s not even a hundred bucks for the room, how cool is that?


The name says it all, it’s a family KTV. This is a place where I can easily bring my mom and I’m sure she’ll have a blast singing her Filipino favorites or challenging me on the kinect. What I’m trying to say is that this place is not limited to your gang, it’s also for the whole family as well as colleagues. They have party packages and inuman packages that will make things easier for everyone.

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