*UPDATE – Thanks Kat for pointing out the other Razon’s branches! There are two more branches not mentioned in the article. One in Sampaguita Suites in Mango and another in Mandaue Highway (beside old Banco Filipino).   

Rizal used to say that the Filipino’s indolence can be linked to the hot weather. It would be a total lie if I disagreed. I often find myself lounging in my bed not having the will or energy to do anything aside from sleeping through the hot weather. After months of searching, I have found a cure…. FOOD! To be more specific… FILIPINO FOOD!  To be super-duper specific… Halo-halo! Razon’s has come to Cebu! What better way to boost up our vigor than to eat great meals that originate from our beloved country?

The Food:

Razon’s meals consist of Filipino foods such as different types of Silogs, Pancits, Sizzlings with Rice, Soups and Desserts. However, if you do want to visit the place and skip out on Filipino delicacies, they have different types of Sandwiches as well. Their food isn’t only good, but also affordable.

But the main reason we visit Razon’s is for their famous Halo-halo and Palabok. Instead of the regular Halo-Halo we see in most restaurants, they make it with shaved ice, Leche Flan, Milk and Ube rather than mixing different fruits together. Moreover, their Palabok has the most mouthwatering sauce ever!

The Price:

As I’ve said they offer affordable meals. The Silogs w/Iced Tea would range from 75-95 pesos, the Sizzlings with Rice would cost 75-215 pesos, the soups would be 75-195 pesos, the sandwiches are 30-50 pesos and the desserts would be about 85 pesos. The price of their Pancits increase depending on the number of persons so the prices are 165 pesos (3-4 people), 365 pesos (7-8 people) and 565 pesos (10-11 people).  If you want to go straight for their specialties then the Halo-halo would cost 75 pesos and the Palabok 65 pesos. As an added bonus you can pay extra if you want another scoop of ice cream or extra ube and Langka.

The Place:

There are three branches of Razon’s here in Cebu. The first branch is located in the Metro Ayala food court. The next branch is located on Juan Luna Ave. Extension, just outside SM City Cebu. The latest Razon’s in Cebu is located inside JY square mall. In the last branch, you have the choice to sit inside with the air-conditioning or outside with the breeze.

So, let’s get off those lazy butts and start the drive to the nearest Razon’s restaurant near you. There’s Halo-halo, need I say more?

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