Hey Chocolate lovers!

We all know that chocolate is a psychoactive food – meaning it greatly affects our behavior and feelings. This explains why friends always try to comfort you with chocolates when you’re depressed or stressed (I’m sure you girls can relate to that!). In my case, it doesn’t really matter if I’m depressed or not, I just love chocolates! That’s why I couldn’t resist a friend’s invitation to check out Ralfe Gourmet.  At the time, I didn’t know anything about the place except that my friend describes their chocolates as sobra ka-LAMI. True enough! It was unbelievably delicious and I knew I’d be back for more.

Chocolate tasting

Ralfe Gourmet offers an incredibly unique chocolate tasting experience. Why? Because all their chocolates are made from pure cacao. Expect no less than a super thick rich chocolate taste. There’s a wide variety of choices to choose from and to go crazy with. Tablea Chocolate Ganache, Roche, Chocolate Rice crispies, Alfajores, Mousse and cookies are just a few of the long list of chocolates to try. To be honest, everything is a must try!

Chocolate Appreciation

The advocacy of Ralfe Gourmet is to raise Cacao awareness and to learn what makes it LAMI. In line with this, Mr. Edu Pantino, a former teacher, takes time to chat with guests and tells you about Cacao while you enjoy the different chocolates served. You learn about its history, health benefits and other amazing facts that will make you addicted to it (there is even a Q&A). Isn’t that great? Eat and learn – all at the same time!

If you are like me or my friends and can’t get enough of chocolate, they have them available for take-out. Just be sure to keep it in a cold place.

The Location

Getting there might be a challenge so here are Mr. Ed’s instructions. Across Sarrosa Hotel is Gate 2 of Casal’s Village. From the guardhouse, turn right then left on the second corner (Topaz St). Go straight until you reach a house on the left side with a Brown gate and a sign board that says Ralfe Gourmet. You can also ask the security guards for help on the directions if you get lost.

The Place

The dining area has expanded and changed a lot since my first visit. The space that used to be a kitchen has been turned in to a cozy area for Chocolate Appreciation sessions. Since the restaurant is within the premise of the owners’ house, it radiates a very private and intimate feel. It really is a secret chocolate haven!

The Price

Their current menu is called Chocolate Appreciation. You get to try all sorts of chocolates and learn so much along the way. Trust me, it is definitely worth it! You must be a group of five and you MUST make a reservation prior to going there. It only costs 250 pesos per person.

*Their specials change all the time. Best to text and check what they have in store for the day.


You can reach them through these numbers: (032) 316-2220 and +63917-628-7661.

Will Ralfe Gourmet make you Choco Loco?

YES! I’m betting on it! Let me know if it doesn’t!

“Savor a rich chocolate tradition”

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