OREO NUTELLA CHEESECAKEHere’s another unique place where photography and desserts go together – perfectly. Can you guess what dessert shop I’m talking about?

It’s no other than CMYK! This shop is run by cousins Lea Ann Duhaylungsod and Vanessa Grace Maliao who are both in their early twenties.  Lea is a passionate photographer while Vanessa is a dedicated chef. Originally, Lea was only planning to put up a photography studio with a small coffee shop but they decided to come up with something even bigger. That’s how CMYK Dessert House was born.

The Place

Upon entering CMYK, I immediately felt like I was in a play room.  The place has a very fun feel.  CMYK stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black. These are the colors used for printing pictures. Lea wanted a name that would relate both to photography and food.  CMYK also stands for Chocolates Make You Kiss.  Love is the shop’s theme that’s why they have their famous LOVE bookshelf.

The Food

Every dish and dessert is carefully and meticulously prepared. They also make sure everything is picture worthy or Instagram-ABLE! I fell in love with the Funnel cake although I’ve learned that their best sellers are actually Mug cake and Sizzling Brownie.

Sizzling BrownieThe Price

Prices are based on student’s allowances so the price is student-friendly especially with their super deli desserts. They also have regular promos just like the Kiss and Click last February so a new one for summer is still in the works.

The Location

CMYK is located at the small side exit of Waterfront Cebu. The address is Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Waterfront Drive, 6000 Lahug, Cebu City. If you know where Waterfront is then getting there would surely be easy.

Want to check out more pics of their deli desserts? Photos from their Facebook and Instagram.


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