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Beer in hand, bobbing my head to the thud of the kick, I glance at the patron to my left and point to the stage. He nods in agreement knowing fully what I mean. In front, a small group is so taken and they start to dance, they shake their bodies uncontrollably, it looks like they are having a spasm. Others see this and the whole room is slowly feeding from the energy. People are starting to move their heads. A girl stands up and joins the dancing spasms. Once the chorus hits, a small group starts singing along, pointing and laughing at each other. Before long the whole room is standing and singing. The band is killing it. This is what a music bar is… or at least should aspire to be, full of energy and love. Its ska night at the Outpost.

Not many people know this, but when the Outpost first opened their doors on June 2006, they started out as a simple restaurant. Little did they know, this unassuming little house on the foot of Nivel Hills would become Cebu’s premier music hub. A place where the city’s best musicians congregate, share a story and grab a drink or two. The original idea was to have acoustic music after dinner. One of the partners, Junx Muaña, owns Backyard Project Studio, as a result there was no shortage of bands to play. The musicians took a liking to the Outpost and decided to hang out there. That’s how it started.

The musicians who have played in the Outpost read like a who’s who in the music world: Joey Ayala, Cynthia Alexander, Noli Aurillo, Sammy Asuncion, Noel Cabangon, Wally Gonzales, Popong Landero to name a few. This list doesnt even include the homegrown talents of Urbandub, Franco, Junior Kilat, and Sheila and the Insects.

Next time you are in the mood for some amazing music and good vibes, you know where to go. You might even catch a legend or two.

Location: 976-B Veterans’ Drive, Lahug Cebu, Philippines 6000

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